The Bethadilly 52 Week 25 – Fatherhood

week 25 of the bethadilly 52 is all about fatherhood.  and to be honest, it is something that i love to photograph.  even before having children, i was excited about the photos i would take of my husband with our children.  for reals, he is the calm one between the two of us.  i am very quick to panic and worry, where he is more calm and thinks through the facts before worrying.  he seriously had to get me through real tears during her first diaper rash, and i don’t even want to remember the story about her first fever.  i was a wreck.  of all the things i appreciate about him as a father, it is his ability to stay calm and…well, logical.  not only is he a strong head of the family and master of diaper changings, he is also the first person to give me a hug and calm my fears when it comes to raising this beautiful little human.  sometimes i think we only think of fatherhood as how a man interacts with his children, but it really is how he holds together the entire family…during a diaper rash crisis and all.

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The Bethadilly 52 Week 25 – Fatherhood

The Bethadilly 52 Week 25 - Fatherhood | Bethadilly Photography

this photo was achieved using : my nikon and wide angle lens.

my settings were : ISO 500 | f/1.4 | 1/320ss

 . . .

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