April Book Pick + Discussion | A Virtual Book Club

you guys, i am having a little too much fun with our virtual book club…i love that we are all doing something for ourselves, allowing a little slow down in our lives to read and regroup.  it also feels really good to replace the phone in my hand with a book.  i love setting reading goals for myself and, a few years ago, read 100 books as my new year resolution.

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with 2 babies at home, 100 books isn’t very realistic for me…but i gave myself a goal of 25 this year.  to keep track, i am using the goodreads app that allows me to set a 2018 reading goal and it keeps track of my books.  i love that syncs with my kindle (which my hubby bought me for nightly reading during breastfeeding…amazing idea!), and automatically updates my books on goodreads for me whenever i start and finish a book on my kindle.  it also reminds me if i am on track to reach my goal by telling me how many books i am ahead or behind.  if you are like me and like to set reading goals for yourself, be sure to join goodreads…it’s so much fun and encouraging!  plus, it gives you great book recommendations to encourage your future reading, based on what books you’ve read in the past.  i loveeeeeeeeeeee it!

April Book Pick + Discussion | A Virtual Book Club

April Book Pick + Discussion | A Virtual Book Club | www.bethadilly.com


1. no stressing out is allowed.  this is supposed to be a fun and relaxing activity for you.  don’t pressure yourself to read fast, set your own pace.  if you want to read the book in one sitting, go for it!  (i am crossing my fingers that we pick books that we won’t want to put down!)  if you want to read a certain number of pages per day, that’s great!  if you want to set a weekly or daily reading goal for yourself, that’s awesome!

2. without spoiling the book for others, feel free to leave comments in the comments section below as you read!  tell us your favorite part, your favorite quote, or maybe how you are feeling about or relating to the book.  use the comment section to tell us what page you are on and to encourage others!

3. be respectful, always.  not everyone is going to love the book, that’s why book clubs are fun!  everyone is different and entitled to their own opinion.  when posting, think about the feelings of others before you write.  simply said, just be kind.  this is supposed to be fun, simple and to encourage us to slow down and relax.


for april, let’s read digging in by loretta nyhan. because it would be impossible to choose one book that everyone hasn’t read, if you’ve already read this please still join in the discussion below without giving away the book!  and join in with us next month when we choose a new book!  bonus points if you recommend books for us to read!


when i read the description, it seemed to describe a book that will show us about new seasons in life and navigating change.  and with spring in the air, i liked that this book was going to be focused around a garden…which could be lovely to read about.  and fingers crossed, maybe a little love and romance?


i encourage you to answer this question right now.  what worked last month and what didn’t work, when it comes to making time to read.  how are you going to make time to read this month?  reading on my kindle while breastfeeding really worked well for me last month so i am going to continue doing that.


to get started, borrow or purchase a copy of digging in and start reading at your own pace.  but before that, introduce yourself below in the comment section and answer these three questions:

  1. do you set reading goals for yourself?  if so, what is your goal?
  2. how do you choose the book you read?
  3. do you prefer paperback or digital?

i’ll go first!  and thanks for joining in!  i am so excited to make more time to read and intentionally make some time to myself.

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