Easter Morning With Our Baby Girls

this year’s easter found us with two baby girls to celebrate with.  it’s hard to believe that two years ago, it was only just us two and each year since we have added a little girl to our family.  last year, our little one was almost one year old during easter so her first easter egg hunt was more like a “scooting hunt” as she scooted her way around the room to find the eggs.  but this year’s easter found her much different.  not only is she a big sister and walking, but she experienced that wonderment and awe that only children truly evoke during the holidays.  and what had her in awe this year?  her easter basket.  i could hardly wait for easter morning this year, as the girls’ baskets have been prepped and waiting for weeks beforehand.  if you missed out, here’s what was in their easter baskets this year.

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all photos within this post were taken with my dslr and my favorite wide angle lens.

the night before easter, carrots were left out for mr. bunny on the cutest easter plates ever!  (i bought two, so the girls can have easter breakfast on them in the future!)  once the girls were asleep, the husband and i enjoyed a slice of birthday cake (my birthday was Easter eve) and nibbled the carrots before turning in.  on easter morning, our sweet toddler loved seeing her basket and was kind enough to help (read: raid) her little two month old sister’s basket too.  she wore a sweet little dress by pippa & julie, which she loved.  upon opening her basket, she immediately wanted to wear her new bracelets and kept saying, “pretty!” as she looked at them on her little wrist.  and, as i knew, the little tube of mini colored pencils was one of her favorite things.  she loved simply sitting on the floor, dumping them out and then perfectly placing them face up back into the tube.  it was endlessly entertaining and something i am remembering should i need to entertain her in the future.  being only 2 months old, our littlest slept through most of the day.  bless her.

the pure joy and excitement from the easter baskets reveal was just plain exhausting for our toddler and she needed a little rest before our afternoon easter egg hunt and egg coloring activity.  and while i love everything about photographing each moment of my girls’ lives, i decided to enjoy the holiday too.  as a way of still being present, i decided to only photograph easter morning and put my camera down for the rest of the day.  sometimes there is a lot of pressure to photograph and document and it’s important to just be mama.  it’s something i am very intentional of always and i encourage you to set your camera down too and just enjoy yourself.  i love that setting my camera down allowed me to savor her cuddles with her new knit dolls and her love for her new bracelets.

Easter Morning With Our Baby Girls

 Easter Morning With Our Baby Girls | www.bethadilly.com

i am already excited for next year and had to stop myself from pre-purchasing easter basket fillers for next year’s basket during target’s easter sale.  but, i did resist the urge.

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