The Best Backpack For Toddlers

earlier this fall we started a little day school.  and by that, i mean a glorified playdate.  but, regardless, we call it “school” so that we can start familiarizing her with the word and begin building a positive association with it.  when looking for a little backpack for her, i wanted something classic and simple.  but being that she is only 18 months, i wanted something small enough for her to carry, yet big enough to be functional.  i wanted a place to pack a diaper or two, a sippy cup, a snack and a toy.  after much searching, i finally found the best backpack for toddlers and we are in love with it!

this post was written in collaboration with Swankaroo, who sent us this stunning mini pack that we love so much.  thank you, Swankaroo!

with a new baby on the way and the introduction of school, i wanted my little one to have a little backpack of her own to put things in.  and let’s be real, children love having their own personal place to store their toys and carry what they want to carry.  and to be really real, they always want to bring along a variety of items when leaving the house.  i love that we can use this backpack for school, as well as use it for a place where she can keep her little treasures.  with a sibling on the way, it is really important to me that she has her space that is just hers.  not to mention, it really frees up some space in our main diaper bag!

The Best Backpack for Toddlers

The Best Backpack for Toddlers | Bethadilly Photography

if you are looking for a classic and simple backpack for your toddler, you will definitely be happy with the mini pack by Swankaroo.  i am always on the search for classic items for my children.  items that aren’t obnoxious or splattered with characters.  this sweet style created by Swankaroo is seriously a breath of fresh air and i think it’s simplicity is one of it’s most beautiful features.

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