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when it comes to visiting new mamas in the hospital, having a gift in your hand is one of the sweetest gestures.  hospital gifts for newborn moms can be hard to think of, but bonus points if your gift spoils both the baby and the new mama.  after i delivered my first baby, the things that meant the most to me where the items that not only spoiled my baby, but me as a new mama.  even if that was just a hot meal or cuddling my baby so i can take a nap.  because, let’s be honest…in just seconds, you become a new person when you have a baby.  in just seconds, you learn to put someone before yourself and you are suddenly given a new day to day.  it is during that time that sweet thoughts and kindness, and a little pampering, can mean the world to a new mama.

this post was written in collaboration with Haven + Pine, who sent me their Labor + Delivery Box 2 for free in exchange for a blog post introducing their brand new business.  Haven + Pine can be found via their website, Instagram and Facebook page, so be sure to go check them out!

Haven + Pine is a beautiful company that puts together the ultimate hospital gift box for new mamas, filled with beautiful items that equally spoil both the new mama and new baby.  even better, their wooden boxes are made by their husbands!  not only is the box filled with some of the most thoughtful gifts, it is also a wonderful keepsake.  i love using boxes like this to store baby momentos, such as cards, doctor checkups, first hospital hats, etc.

take a peek inside this beautiful box to see the stunning items that Haven + Pine puts together to create the sweetest hospital gift for newborn mamas.  disclaimer: we still don’t know the gender of our baby and are waiting until birth.  Haven + Pine graciously sent us two banners, for both a boy and girl and these banners can be personalized with the baby’s name, if preferred!  (i used the baby boy sign within this post, only because it’s the banner that i opened first…so i am not announcing anything!  but hey, maybe it is a sign!)

Hospital Gifts for Newborn Moms | Haven + Pine

Hospital Gifts for Newborn Moms | Haven + Pine | Bethadilly Photography

the most thoughtful and memorable thing about this box is that the items within it are meant to make your hospital stay just a little more beautiful, special, and comfortable.  if you have given birth before, you know that those moments with your little one in the hospital are moments you will never forget.  Haven + Pine simply sprinkles more beauty and comfort into those moments.

Items Within The Labor + Delivery Haven Box (2)

 a 6 layer muslin pom pom blanket | Paisley Prints Spokane

a wooden teether | Paisley Prints Spokane

a baby hat or bow | Paisley Prints Spokane

an organic hand lotion + chapstick | shop REJUV

a maternity robe | Shop Pink Blush

a strand of twinkling lights

an essential oils roller

a hand lettered baby name banner | all hand lettering by Annie Gleason

a cozy pair of socks for mama

see more from Haven + Pine here.


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