The Best Gift For Mom – The Silhouette Locket

if you are like me, you may be someone that is really hard to buy for.  i am not one who likes “stuff.”  it ultimately ends up being donated or clutters the house and, i think it is safe to say, we could all do with a little less stuff.  gifts should be meaningful and authentic, but this can be really hard to think of, when it comes to ideas.  my husband is always asking me for gift ideas, and i from him, because we are equally hard to buy for.  this year, i was intentional about thinking of items that would really matter to me.  and if you are scrambling for ideas, here is the best gift for mom that is bound to make her cry, happy tears.

this post was written as part of a collaboration with a family print shop and this locket was made for me at a discounted price.  go check out their beautiful shop, it’s insanely beautiful.

i stumbled upon a family print shop over the summer this year and instantly told my husband about their silhouette lockets.  being someone who is passionate about family and photos, this locket was the perfect idea for me.  and it means more than any other necklace because it is contains something so special, my child.  and soon, my second child will be on the other side.

the best thing about this locket, besides the stunning silhouette of my daughter, is that it can grow with our family.  a family print shop can add children to the locket, as children are born, and that is so special to me.  this locket will literally grow as our family grows, which means it will always be current and worn.

i love that this is something that will always be cherished and will be a keepsake.  many gifts come and go, but this is something that truly means something and honestly is the best gift for mom.  when the holidays came around growing up, my dad always reminded us, “don’t spend money just to spent money, think of what the person truly needs or would enjoy.”  it’s been something that i always remember when gift giving, and sometimes that means simply asking the person what they truly need or would enjoy.  for me, i enjoy nostalgia, making this silhouette locket simply the perfect gift idea.

The Best Gift For Mom – The Silhouette Locket

The Best Gift For Mom - The Silhouette Locket | Bethadilly Photography

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