Letters To My Children | 18 Months + 26 Weeks (In My Belly)

Letters To My Children | 18 Months + 26 Weeks (In My Belly)

Letters To My Children | 18 Months + 26 Weeks (In My Belly) | Bethadilly Photography

friday, october 13, 2018

dear babies,

it seems like everything is changing so fast around our house, from mama’s growing belly to a toddler who is now walking!  and while i wish time to slow down, i am also super excited that our family will grow by one more in just 14 weeks!  it seems like time is going to speed up from here, as we enter the holiday season and prepare for a new year and another baby!

to my oldest:

today is your half birthday!!   you are officially 18 months and it’s so hard to believe that you are already a year and a half.  8 days ago, you learned to walk all by yourself.  we went to the library to get some halloween books to read at bedtime and all of a sudden you walked across the room!  your daddy (who was sadly away on a business trip, but brought you home an awesome present!) was so excited when i told him and said, “no wonder her first steps were at the library, since she is in love with books like her mama is!”  is all makes perfect sense!  and once you started walking, you never looked back.  the librarian gave you a special sticker for your baby book to mark the milestone!

after a week of walking, you look as though you have been walking forever.  you are getting more and more confident each day and easily walk around the house being a little busy body.  you love to climb up the stairs (with us close by you), and you love climbing up and down off of the couch.  everything just got real busy in our house but we are so excited that you are walking and love the happy look on your face when you are zooming around the house.

at 18 months, your appetite has slowed way down and you only like to feed yourself.   “no thanks, mama.  i do it.”  you are learning to feed yourself with a spoon and we are slowly making progress on drinking from a cup without a lid.  although, one time you spilled water all over yourself and wanted nothing more to do with the cup.  🙂

you have become such a smartie pants and are doing things that are at a three year old level!  you love to stack blocks, can easily do puzzles, match patterns, and put together your girly legos.  you are also very helpful during diaper changes and hand us a new diaper, and have fits of giggles when mama tickles you.  you still love reading books and bring us your favorite books from your shelf to read.  i swear, we have read “big, little,” 1643820974 times but you love, love, love it.  you know almost all of your body parts and love to dance!  grandpa even taught you how to nod “yes!” and you do it with the funniest expression on your face!

while you are still so little, you prove to be so big.  you like to lift mama’s shirt up to see my baby belly and, sometimes, poke at it.  🙂  the other day you were laying on my belly and felt the baby kick on your cheek.  you looked at me with a quizzical look, wondering what could have done that!  even though you are too little to really understand getting a new brother or sister, your caring, sweet and loving nature makes you more than ready to have a little sibling in the next few months.

to my littlest:

you are kicking up a storm, these days!  especially first thing in the morning when mama is trying to get just one more hour of sleep or at the very end of the day when i lay down in bed.  we are at the point where we can see you kicking through my belly and its always so fascinating to watch my belly bounce with your bumps.

we had a quick check up last week and you are still doing great!  nothing new to report, you are growing just as you should despite mama’s tiny belly.  waiting for january sometimes seems like it takes forever, but the weeks sure go by fast so we know that you will be here in no time at all!  your little room is ready and waiting for you and our family is ready to spoil you to pieces!  it’s so much fun to see so many people loving you so much already and we can’t wait to introduce you to our wonderful family!

mama is still feeling mostly great!  i threw out my back twice in the past week, so i am under strict orders from the doctor to not lift a single thing and to rest, rest, rest.  it’s been hard for me to put my feet up, because i feel that there is always so much to do but slowing down is also really nice sometimes too.  your only job is to keep growing as best you can so we can meet you soon!  you have a big sister waiting for you who loves giving kisses and saying “baby!”

love, mama

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