The Bethadilly 52 Week 24 – Creative Blur

creative blur is something that can take a photograph from boring to not boring, just by thinking through your camera settings.  while we were vacationing in north carolina, i was really excited to visit the biltmore estates.  while the inside of the house proved to be not as impressive as i imagined, we did enjoy walking the grounds of the estate and taking in the many gardens that are on the property.  for those of you who have been with me awhile, you know that, while i am getting better with plants, i am far from being an expert gardener.  just walking through these beautiful gardens made me really appreciate the full time gardeners who tend them; what a job!  with the prompt for week 24 being creative blur, the beautiful blooming subjects provided to be a perfect opportunity to get creative with a low aperture.  i find that photographing with low aperture is especially fun and powerful when given a subject that repeats, like the flowering bush below.  using a lower aperture allowed me to single out one strand of the blooming bush to showcase, while allowing the rest of the beautiful bush to fall into a beautiful blur.

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The Bethadilly 52 Week 24 – Creative Blur

The Bethadilly 52 Week 24 - Creative Blur | Bethadilly Photography

this photo was achieved using : my nikon and wide angle lens.

my settings were : ISO 100 | f/1.4 | 1/1600ss

 . . .

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