Break For Kisses by Bethany Deschamp

last week found us on our very first road trip with the baby.  sure, we’ve traveled with her before, but always by plane.  this time our travel plans included 8 hours in the car and days full of sightseeing.  for a moment, we thought we were a little presumptuous thinking that we could achieve all of this with a one year old, but she proved us wrong.  she rallied and showed us that, should we want to plan more travel for the summer, she is more than happy to go along for the ride.  as long as we take a break for kisses, once and awhile.  it keeps morale high.

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of anything that we could have forgotten to pack for our trip, it was our chest carrier, which she absolutely adores.  while touring the biltmore estate in north carolina, we found ourselves kicking ourselves for forgetting it.  while strollers are perfectly welcome and encouraged at the estate, there are lots of stairs.  we were constantly saying, “you grab the bottom, i’ll grab the top” and packing the stroller up and down stairways.  it was a little hot that day too.  but we all still smiled and enjoyed our day.  and if our chest carrier was the only thing we forgot to bring, we claim that we packed pretty darn successfully.

Break for Kisses By Bethany Deschamp

Break for Kisses By Bethany Deschamp | Bethadilly Photography

this photo was achieved using : my nikon and wide angle lens.

my settings were : ISO 100 | f/1.4 | 1/800ss

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