Camera Lenses for Moms : The Only Two Lenses You Need

i think one of the main concerns moms have with photographing is that they get caught up in the idea that they must have a lot of photograph gear in order to create good images.  but that is simply not true.  in fact, i found that having too much gear was a deterrent because it was making me overthink my photos.  i actually went through a purge and sold all my gear, only keeping two lenses and i found that having less gear made my photography even better.  instead of focusing on “which lens should i choose for this,” i focused on the moment and rocked the lens on my camera.  when it comes to camera lenses for moms, there are only two that i truly think you need.

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Camera Lenses for Moms : The Only Two Lenses You Need

Camera Lenses for Moms : The Only Two Lenses You Need | Bethadilly Photography

if you are that person that just loves the idea of having lots of gear, that is totally okay!  i get it, gear is exciting!  just don’t feel that you have to have a tons of lenses in order to create beautiful images, because really you don’t.  for me, i only use two lenses when photographing my family and life and i find that they are more than enough.

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A Wide Angle Lens

when it comes to camera lenses for moms, i think a wide angle lens is an amazing choice.  not only does it allow you to capture more of the surroundings within the frame, but it allows you to be fairly close to your kids while photographing.  so many lenses force you to back up, further away in order to get your subject entirely in the frame.  with a wide angle lens, you can stay fairly close to your subject and still get them in the frame.  i find this really helpful when photographing my little girl because i can tickle her or soothe her, while photographing.  not to mention, a wide angle works well in tight spaces!

A 50mm Lens

a 50mm lens is a very popular lens choice for most photographers and i would agree that it is a great investment.  a 50mm allows you to get great portraits, as well as detailed photos.  when it comes to camera lenses for moms, a 50mm is a very popular choice.  i use my 50mm when i want to take portraits, or get detailed photos like baby toes, eyes, fingers, etc.  between the two lenses, my wide angle is my first choice, but i am often very happy to have a 50mm as well.

that is truly it.  yes, there are a lot of fun lenses out there and if you want to invest in them, go for it!  but i truly believe that moms only need two lenses and these are my best bet.  instead of focusing on the gear, focus on the moment.  and don’t forget to get in the frame too!  your children want to see pictures of you when they grow up and they will thank you for it.

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Camera Lenses for Moms : The Only Two Lenses You Need | Bethadilly Photography

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