Letters To My Little One | Eleven Months Old

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Letters To My Little One | Eleven Months Old

Letters To My Little One | Eleven Months Old | Bethadilly Photography

monday, march 13, 2017

my little doll,

i can’t fathom writing the words eleven months because i simply cannot bring myself to believe that you are already eleven months old.  when talking to another new mom last week, she said, “doesn’t it feel like it’s been years since you were pregnant!?”  i looked at her with a shocked face, “no!  it seems like yesterday!”  and it does, it really seems like it was yesterday that daddy and i would spend our days setting up your nursery and our evenings counting your kicks in my belly.  wasn’t it just yesterday?

here we are today with an active and energetic little girl!  you have officially mastered crawling and have gone from taking tentative and hesitant crawling moves to…zooming across the room in no time.  your great aunt sent you some darling leg warmers to protect your knees on the go!  we found ourselves quickly baby proofing the house and there is a new baby gate at the stairs, which you find to be very interesting.  you love to crawl up and down the hallway and giggle with delight when mama comes after you saying, “i’m gonna get you!”  you think it is the funnest game and we both exhaust ourselves playing it daily.

along with crawling, you have mastered sitting up all on your own.  you can be laying down one minute, and upright the next.  it still amazes us how quickly you will learn something.  one day we will be worrying about when you will learn to sit up and the next, you are sitting up effortlessly.  it reminds me that every day provides another step for growth and that you will do all things in your own time.

you love brushing your teeth.  mama loves singing a little brushing song that she made up and you let mama brush your teeth first, before brushing on your own.  and speaking of teeth, you earned 3 more teeth in 24 hours this month!  3 in 24 hours!  it was insane and completely came out of nowhere.  you really showed no signs of teething and didn’t even make a single fuss; all of a sudden your teeth were just there!  two of the three came in together, during nap time!  all three new teeth arrived while daddy was away on a business trip and, by the time he arrived home, you had a brand new smile.

you are enjoying trying new things and we are so eager to watch you do all of your “firsts.”  with the spring weather here, we were able to enjoy an evening family walk last week.  we put you in your stroller and took you to the park, with one goal : swing on the swing for the first time.  once we placed you in the swing, your attention was immediately grabbed by the kids playing basketball and you were so enthralled with watching them bounce the ball that we don’t think you even realized you were swinging back and forth.  it was really darling and endearing, but mama wants to get you giggling on the swing so we are going to try again on a quieter day.  i can’t wait to take some video of you swinging.

you continue to be a wonderful eater and we are getting brave by allowing you more of a variety in finger foods.  you really enjoy broccoli and carrots and black beans.  you also love to eat raisins, and definitely feed a healthy amount of food to the puppies once you have had your fill.  i guess you are already learning how to share, how kind of you!

the next time i sit down to write to you, you will be one year old.  mama has already begun planning and preparing for your party and you will be blessed with both sets of grandparents celebrating your birthday with us, as well as friends.  how exciting and lucky for us!  we are so excited for them to be here and we are very lucky to have family come to help us celebrate the best thing that has ever happened to us, you.  you are a very loved little girl and it’s no wonder why.

we love you more and more each day.  just when i think it isn’t possible to love you more than i already do, i fall deeper in love.



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