Camera Straps : The Only Strap You Want To Use

when it comes to camera straps, i like to use something other than the stock strap that comes with my camera.  while i am sure they are good straps, they are just plain ugly and i think that a nice camera strap is a really fun way to dress up your camera and show your personality as a photographer.

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i have gone through several camera straps and most have either not worn well or have simply been too cheap looking.  and i think it is just plain wrong to put a cheap strap on an expensive camera.  after gushing over foto straps for far too long, i finally took the plunge and invested in one for myself.  best decision ever.  not only is the quality top notch, but the strap is really comfortable to wear.  i also love that these straps have the comfort of a canvas strap with a really nice ergonomic shoulder pad, but have a beautiful leather addition to make the strap visually attractive.  when all is said and done, this strap is just darn gorgeous.  and nice cameras truly deserve quality camera straps.

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Camera Straps: The Only Strap You Want To Use

Camera Straps: The Only Strap You Want To Use | Bethadilly Photography

while some photographers choose to not put a camera strap on their camera, i am 100% a camera strap user.  being a newborn and family photographer, i am always photographing from a variety of angles, including from above.  i would never, ever photograph anyone or anything from above without my camera attached to a camera strap that is firmly around my neck.  my camera and my subject are just too precious for that.

additionally, camera straps simply make everyday photography more manageable.  whether you are photographing your kids or heading on a street photography outing, camera straps make photographing so convenient.  and honestly, when i wear my camera on my camera strap and have my camera constantly ready and available, my photography is so much better.  there is nothing worse than constantly having to pull your camera out of your camera bag each and every time you want to use it.

when it comes to camera straps, i have found the only strap that i will ever use.  in fact, i am ordering another one as i type for my backup camera.  these camera straps are seriously the bees knees and i truly think every camera deserves to be held by one.  in the end, yes the price my make you hesitate for a second but know that once your strap arrives in the mail and you attach it to your camera, your only regret will be wishing you would have bought one sooner.

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Camera Straps: The Only Strap You Want To Use | Bethadilly Photography

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