Creating Bokeh: Tips For Creating Bokeh In Seconds

according to a quick google search…by definition, bokeh is “the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.”  bokeh is a beautiful element that brings so much visual interest to an image, by way of creative blur.  when dappled light is available, you can also create a beautiful play on light in the form of larger, colorful circles.  creating bokeh is something that is really fun to do and you can do it, in camera, in seconds.  check out the two ways i quickly create bokeh, in camera, and what two camera lenses i use for creating bokeh.

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Creating Bokeh : Tips For Creating Bokeh in Seconds

Creating Bokeh : Tips For Creating Bokeh in Seconds | Bethadilly Photography

Lens Choice For Creating Bokeh

lenses that have a lower aperture capability are the best choice for creating bokeh.  i love to use my sigma 24mm art f/1.4 lens and my sigma 50mm art f/1.4 lens, as both have lower aperture capability, allowing me to create more of a visual distance between my foreground and background.  and that is when the beauty of bokeh is created.  generally, i find that using an aperture of f/2.8 or lower is a great choice for creating bokeh.

Tip 1 : Intentional Out Of Focus

the first way to create bokeh would be to intentionally create an image that is out of focus.  for the image above, i was walking in georgetown in the middle of rush hour traffic and was drawn to all the beautiful lights created by the traffic signs, cars, and surrounding buildings.  using my nikon d750 and sigma 24mm art f/1.4 lens, i placed my lens on manual focus and intentionally unfocused the image before pressing the shutter button.  when doing this, my entire image fell out of focus, which was my intended goal.  as a result, the light from the traffic lights, cars and shops fell out of focus and created beautiful, eye-catching bokeh.

Creating Bokeh : Tips For Creating Bokeh in Seconds | Bethadilly Photography

Tip 2 : Thoughtfully Placing Your Focal Point

but what if you don’t want an image that is entirely out of focus?  another easy way to create bokeh is through thoughtfully placing your focal point.  in the image above of the asparagus, i noticed that there were dappled light coming through the trees in the background that would make for some beautiful bokeh.  knowing this, i placed my focal point on the center of the frame and used an aperture of f/1.6.  using this low aperture and placing my focal point in the center of the frame allowed me to blur both the foreground and background, creating bokeh in both areas.

creating bokeh is a fun way to add interest to your image and play with the light you have available.  try having fun with intentional out of focus images as well as being thoughtful about where you place your focal point, when creating bokeh.  be mindful of your aperture choice and get ready to be amazed with your images.  creating bokeh can be addicting and will have you looking at light and composition in a whole new way.

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Creating Bokeh : Tips For Creating Bokeh in Seconds | Bethadilly Photography

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