3 Daily Tasks To Improve Photography Without Taking Pictures

there are so many ways to improve photography skills and learning more about what it takes to be a photographer.  most commonly, this means picking up our camera to practice that skill.  but what if you don’t have the time to pick up your camera on a daily basis?  i am raising my hand, here.  since having a little baby, it’s hard for me to find the time to pick up my camera daily, yet i love photography so much that i really do feel the pull to learn more each day.  instead of picking up my camera every single day, i now pick it up a couple times a week.  and i am okay with that because i feel that, right now my photography is stronger than ever, despite the decreased amount of time i spend shooting.  even though my camera is not in my hands every day, i am still taking the time to learn about photography every day.  here are three daily tasks i do to learn more about photography, that don’t involve taking pictures.

if you are trying to improve your photography, be sure to make some photography goals for yourself.  goal setting makes you a better photographer.

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3 Daily Tasks To Improve Photography Without Taking Pictures

3 Daily Tasks To Improve Photography Without Taking Pictures | Bethadilly Photography

1. Read A Photography Tutorial

one great way to improve photography skill without taking pictures is to read a photography tutorial.  i do this daily.  one of my favorite places to find photography tutorials is on pinterest and i love pinning tutorials to read later.  every day, i will go to my pinterest to look for a tutorial that i have saved to learn something new.  not only does this teach me something new about photography, but it inspires me to want to pick up my camera.  again, i don’t pick up my camera every day anymore (with a very young baby), but reading a tutorial sparks that excitement for when i do get the chance to pick up my camera.

2. Edit Photos

editing every day is definitely a silent secret that will improve photography skill.  not only am i editing daily to keep up on editing, but editing helps me to learn more about photography.  it helps me to analyze my photos and learn what i did right, and wrong, while i was taking pictures.  it helps me realize what i would do differently next time to improve my skill.  if i am editing a certain way, it helps me to learn more about how i can shoot better to make editing more successful.

3. Review My Photography Goals

every month i make photography goals for myself using my powersheets.  making photography goals helps to give me a sense of direction with my photography and allows me to pinpoint where i am struggling and where i want to improve.  i daily review my photography goals and make plans for improvement.  so far this year, i have made goals to learn more about indoor light, learn more about photoshop, learn film, and take steps in learning more about skin tones.  again, this doesn’t mean picking up my camera every single day but learning about photography in a different way so that, when i do get a chance to pick up my camera, i am making the most out of it.

there are so many ways to improve photography skill that do not mean picking up your camera daily.  it’s okay if you can’t manage the time to shoot daily, most of us cannot.  what is important is that you are still actively learning about photography, even when it’s not through taking pictures.  by reading tutorials, editing photos and being mindful of my photography goals on a daily basis, i am nurturing my photography and allowing it to grow every single day.  even better, all three of these things can fit into a lunch break and…we all need a lunch break!

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