Getting Out Of A Photography Rut : 5 Things To Try To Boost Your Inspiration

the dreaded photography rut.  we have all been there.  it seems like one day we are taking endless photos and inspired everywhere we look, and soon after we find that we have little desire to pick up our camera.  it is a natural part of being a creative.  we have our ups and we have our downs when to comes to being inspired to be creative.  if you feel like you are, or have been, in a photography rut…it’s okay and normal.  what’s important here is not that you are in a rut, but how you will get yourself out of the rut.  getting out of a photography rut can be difficult, but here are 5 things that i try when i need a boost of photography inspiration.  if you have more ideas of how you tackle a photography rut, be sure to leave them in the comment section at the end of this post, i am always looking for more inspiration.

want to take better pictures?  here are 3 things that you can do daily, that don’t involve picking up your camera.

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Getting Out Of A Photography Rut : 5 Things To Try To Boost Your Inspiration

Getting Out Of A Photography Rut : 5 Things To Try To Boost Your Inspiration | Bethadilly Photography

1. Pick Up Your Camera Anyways

getting out of a photography rut can be as simple as picking up your camera anyways.  it is the biggest way to combat that lack of inspiration.  how are you going to find inspiration without a camera in your hands to photograph it?  during this time, it’s possible that you are going to take a bunch of pictures you hate.  and that’s okay, you’re in a rut!  but the act of picking up your camera is opening that door to being inspired.  that inspiration may not happen on the first try, but what if it does?  some of my best pictures were taken when i forced myself to drag my camera out.

if picking up your just doesn’t seem possible, give yourself a set amount of time for a photography break.  but put a time limit on it.  maybe try stepping away for a few days or a week, but be sure to pick up your camera again after that time period and give it another go.  the worst thing you can do it set your camera down for an indefinite amount of time.  out of sight, out of mind doesn’t do anything to help get you out of photography rut.  but a couple days off to recharge is always good for the soul.

2. Read A Tutorial

sometimes getting out of a photography rut is easier when you look to other places, other than yourself, for inspiration.  reading a tutorial is a wonderful way to do that.  learning something new is a great way to spark some inspiration and motivation.  most of the time, the reason we are in a photography rut in the first place is because we are bored with our photography.  by reading a tutorial and encouraging yourself to try a new technique, you may just find some inspiration.

3. Make A List Of Inspiration

this is something you should be doing always, regardless if you are in a photography rut or not.  having a running list of things that inspire you or photographs that you want to take will help give you a place to turn when the inspiration isn’t naturally flowing.  think of it as your rainy day fund for photography ideas.

4. Photograph Something Entirely New

we tend to fall into a photography rut when we photograph the same thing all the time, whether that is the same type of client or the same room in our home.  getting out of a photography rut can be as simple as photographing something entirely new.  maybe that means getting in our car and driving 5 minutes to a new surrounding or finally attempting food photography.  grab your camera, think of something you don’t normally photograph, and give it a go!

5.  Rent Or Borrow A Lens

new gear can be a great way of getting out of a photography rut but something that we can’t all afford to do on a whim.  try renting or borrowing a lens from a photography friend.  this will allow you to both try something new as you are photographing and create a different look with your photographs.  when we try something new, we are encouraging ourselves to think and look at photography in a new way.  it is during these times of deep thought that we can find that inspiration again.  one of my photography friends let me borrow her nikon 105mm lens and it was such a difference from my normal work that i found it to be very inspiring.  sometimes new is really fun.

getting out of a photography rut can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.  first and foremost, be patient with yourself.  remember that it is natural to feel this way from time to time and it’s only temporary.  by keeping a list of photography inspiration, trying something new, reading a tutorial, picking up your camera anyways and giving a new lens a try, you are bound to jump out of that photography rut in no time.  any other ideas that have worked for you?  please be sure to share them with us in the comment section below, it is always really helpful to learn how others face this struggle head on.

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Getting Out Of A Photography Rut : 5 Things To Try To Boost Your Inspiration | Bethadilly Photography

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