Creating A Fall Toddler Capsule Wardrobe

just as it does every year, the seasons come and go so quickly!  but, for me, autumn is a favorite around here.  it’s the time of year for family coffee dates, pretty autumn car rides, and dressing in layers.  having two little girls to dress this year, i am trying my best to keep it simple and to hopefully adopt a capsule wardrobe mentality.  i notice that every season i always have a handful of favorite items that i dress my girls in, time after time.  this fall, i am basing the girls’ wardrobes around some of our favorite staple items to help both keep it simple and maximize the number of ways to wear outfits.  i have had some fun creating a fall toddler capsule wardrobe this season and here are some of our go to items.

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Creating A Fall Toddler Capsule Wardrobe

Fall Toddler Capsule Wardrobe Items | Bethadilly Photography |

when creating a fall toddler capsule wardrobe, i basically picked out a variety of items, based on a color scheme, that can be mixed and matched together to create a variety of outfits.  having a color scheme just helps to coordinate my girls, as i like their outfits to coordinate in some way.  to be honest, i have a color scheme without even realizing it…my eye is naturally favorable to soft neutrals and florals.  i honestly believe that you can create a whole wardrobe around white pants and a cute pair of neutral shoes.  for fall, adding a sweater and jacket to any outfit helps with layering and bringing together a look.  then, adding a couple of fun items like a furry vest and tutu can help bring some variety to a wardrobe, should it need to be dressed up or down.  as always, my goal when dressing the girls is to have items that are more classic and timeless, so i choose pea cots and white sweaters because i find that the look best fits our style.

Fall Toddler Capsule Wardrobe Items

(one) a peplum top, our go to style because it can be dressed up or down

(two) a peacoat, we have one very similar that is gray.  a peacoat pairs with anything!

(three) a skirt, for achieving a little more of a dressy look.

(four) a furry vest, for layering and texture.

(five) warm boots, we wear similar boots all season long.

(six) a basic white sweater, i buy this same sweater every single year.

(seven) white leggings, all day every day.  a neutral base to every outfit.

(eight) good pajamas!  we love these and have a zillion pairs.

(nine) a dressier shoe, these clogs are our favorite shoe ever!

(ten) a fun romper, pairs really well with knee socks!

(eleven) as always, we love our bows and this is our favorite shop.

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