First Sniffles of the Season

our girls are, without a doubt, two peas in a pod.  they wake up at the same time, nap at the same time, eat at the same time, play at the same time and…get sick at the exact same time, with the exact same symptoms.  we have officially experienced (and now gotten over) our very first sniffles of the season.  oh goodness, two sick kids at once is no joking matter.  but it’s all fun and games until, they start kissing on mama and mid-week…mama is down for the count.  whew!  if you ask any mama, you will know that it should be against the rules for mamas to be sick alongside their babies.  it is so hard to take care of sick littles when you are not running on 100%, yourself.  but the best thing about being sick (if there possibly could be a best thing), is that it can be so cozy!  we cancel all of our plans for the week, get into fresh pairs of pajamas each morning and just play at home.  and when the weekend rolls around, daddy rescues us with a coffee run and park date for fresh air.

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on one afternoon during our week of sniffles, my toddler and i walked into the baby’s room after nap and, like always, she climbed up onto her crib and immediately wanted in.  my toddler really loves cuddling with her sister in her crib, so we did just that.  i love this little series of photos because it truly defines our everyday.  while we are usually not in our pajamas in the afternoon, our sick week called for anything and everything cozy.  the girls read lots of stories together and, praise the Lord, we started feeling better after a week or so.  i am crossing my fingers that we got our first sniffles of the season out of the way at the beginning of fall and can call it accomplished because, whew!, that was a lot of boogers and sneezing!

all photos taken with my DSLR and favorite everyday lens.

infant pajamas by our favorite, burts bees

toddler pajamas from the gap, similar ones here (we have these, too!)

First Sniffles of the Season

First Sniffles of the Season | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadilly.comFirst Sniffles of the Season | Bethadilly Photography |

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