Fresh Autumn Air + First Swing Ride

last monday morning we heard sniffling and coughing from the baby monitors early in the morning before the babies woke for the day and we knew…they had colds.  and because they truly like the do everything together, they decided to be sick together.  as i walked into their rooms when they woke up, they were both smiling despite having boogers all over the place.  and so we began the week by putting on fresh pairs of jammies and canceling our week of playdates and obligations.  by wednesday, the girls took me down with them and i found myself battling a runny nose and headache.  and any mama can tell you that being sick yourself with sick babies is no joke.  oh my word, it is so hard to be mommy when you are running on 25% energy yourself.  by saturday, we were all still in the thick of it and we had cabin fever.  being inside for 5 days in a row wiping runny noses had gotten the best of us and i knew we needed two things: fresh air and coffee.  well, coffee for mama.  so daddy piled us into the car, ordered us some iced coffee, and we took the girls to the park to enjoy the fresh autumn air and let the littlest experience her very first swing ride.

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needless to say, the fresh air did wonders for our spirits, but our colds remained.  the girls giggled and sniffled and mama enjoyed seeing the sky and laughing at daddy as he tried to do the monkey bars.  (which, by the way, is super difficult as an adult!  we both tried and failed what we once were pros at when younger, all the while laughing at one another and thoroughly entertaining/embarrassing the girls).  our much needed morning at the park was full of fun, despite our crummy colds.  the littlest thoroughly enjoyed her first swing ride and fell asleep with a smile on her face during the car ride home.  upon arriving at home, the girls and i took afternoon naps and were thankful for a weekend of daddy being our doctor.  maybe it is just wishful thinking but i am praying that we are overachievers and volunteered to get our colds out of the way in the beginning of the fall season.  and you can be sure that i plan to sanitize even more than i already do so we don’t come down with the sniffles again.  it’s no fun!

photos in this post were taken with my DSLR and favorite everyday lens.

Fresh Autumn Air + First Swing Ride

Fresh Autumn Air + First Swing Ride | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadilly.comFresh Autumn Air + First Swing Ride | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadilly.comFresh Autumn Air + First Swing Ride | Bethadilly Photography |

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