Her First Tooth…Finally!

as we were getting ready to leave our weekly bible study two days ago, i laid my littlest down on my lap to nurse her real quick before putting the girls into the car.  needless to say, she hates to nurse in public.  she is so easily distracted, as most babies are at 8 months old, and is so much more interested in EVERYTHING else in the room than sitting still on mama’s lap.  seriously, getting her to nurse nowadays takes creating a really quite and calm environment so she can focus on eating for a few minutes.  she is just too excited to explore everything around her.  so as i got ready to nurse her, she looked up at me and gave a loud, “WAHHHHHHHHHH!”  and as she briefly fussed, i briefly noticed a little something white!  her first tooth!

needless to say, i got so excited!  we had been waiting and waiting for her first tooth for months and, just when stopped thinking “when is her first tooth going to come!?”…it popped through!  i quickly and excitedly hurried the girls into the car, dialed my husband on the phone and when his voice said, “hello!” through the speakers of the car (we love talking to him in the car, so we can all hear and talk together), i said, “baby got her first…” and our toddler said, “toooooof!” (tooth).  my husband was equally thrilled and so began our day of celebrating her little dental milestone.  around the corner is a sweet new smile and now…another set of teeth for mama to brush.  time to order more toothbrushes!

for a complete guide on how I photograph my baby girl’s first year, be sure to read the first twelve.

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when we got home, the girls had lunch and then went down for nap.  but right after nap!?  mama had to bring out my camera to document the exciting day for her baby book.  and while her sister adored her, she chewed on her little giraffe the entire time, which made for even better teething pictures.  (as a side note, our sophie teether is our favorite toy and i love how simple and classic it is.  each of my girls have their own, as it has always been something that i see as a keepsake for their baby years).

all photos taken with my DSLR and favorite everyday lens.

pink velvet bows courtesy of our favorite bow shop, cammi&co

Her First Tooth…Finally!

Her First Tooth...Finally! | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadilly.com

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