Milestones + Memories | October 2018

our sweet girls have been so busy lately that i feel like i am constantly writing little sticky notes to remind myself of all the things i need to add to their baby books.  from new glasses to new teeth, to beginning to crawl and conquering our ABC’s…it seems like the milestones and memories are constant these days.  since i was 20 weeks pregnant with our first daughter, i have written letters each month to our children and posted them here, on my blog.  these letters mean everything to me today, and will someday mean so much to our children.  as a way to give them these letters to take with them one day, i have started the long process of copying these letters by hand into beautiful linen books for each baby, where i will continue to journal monthly.  it is going to take me awhile to transfer them over, but i love that our girls will have these thoughtful letters in my handwriting.

and as i am copying the letters into their linen journals, it has been such a blessing to relive all of their beautiful moments.  it seems like all of these little things happened just yesterday and not only are these letters a gift to our girls, but they are a gift to my husband and i as well.  i love that they were written monthly to document specific times, that we are enjoying reading about now.  and i hope one day the girls will pull out their journals, while their own babies are sleeping, and reread my letters to them.  so that maybe, as their little ones sleep, they can turn to a particular page and read about how they were at the same age and how incredibly much i love them.

these beautiful linen journals are on my list of things to blog about soon, so keep an eye out for them on the blog!

more than ever, our girls are little bookworms.  our youngest is learning to turn the pages, but mostly loves to teeth on them.  our oldest has begun to read stories to us at night, as she tells us all about the pictures and, at times, memorizes the words on the pages.  she loves to visit the library and really loves flipping through large chapter books that i read myself.  she is happiest when she gets to read “mommy’s book,” and is entertained for quite a while as she simply flips through the pages.  she truly finds it relaxing and it is so peaceful to watch her skim through the large books.

for a complete guide on how I photograph my baby girl’s first year, be sure to read the first twelve.  and to learn how i document our everyday, be sure to read the everyday photograph.

Milestones + Memories | October 2018

Milestones + Memories | October 2018 | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadilly.comMilestones + Memories | October 2018 | Bethadilly Photography |

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