Being Mama | Motherhood Moments I Hope To Remember Forever

i am not sure if i have written this yet so, if this happens to be a repeat, please forgive me.  at bible study a couple months ago, we were encouraged to think about our greatest fear.  it took me a bit to really dig deep and identify it.  i feel like i have a lot of fears, but my most prominent fear is the passing of time, particularly with our children.  an overused phrase of “enjoy your children, for the years go by fast,” is constantly being told to young mothers and, while it can seem like this phrase is on repeat, it really is very true.  not until you are a mother will you truly realize how quickly time passes and, for me, it has given me a tiny sense of panic.  the days are sometimes really long, but the months and years just pass so quickly.  there are so many motherhood moments that i truly want to remember the rest of my days.

i feel like this fear is the reason why i do all that i do.  it’s why i write about my children and their moments, big and small.  it’s why we build traditions.  it’s why i photograph them often and document, document, document.  it’s why i am diligent with their baby books.  it’s why i cherish those days where we just stay home because i can simply savor them and enjoy having a front row seat to their childhood.  it’s why i write them letters every month and write down every detail that i want to remember.

i think all of these little things that i do is to calm that fear of letting time pass by.  i know it is going to go by and there is nothing i can do about the physical passing of time.  but what i can control is the quality of time we have with our children.  deep down, i fear regret.  i don’t want to look back on these years and wish i would have savored it more.  so, in all that i do, i savor, savor, savor it.  i try to remember to be grateful often and instead of rushing, slowing down.  that can be hard sometime, as two children have a tendency to make one rush.  but intentionally making time to hug each baby every single day and to really listen to them really fills my cup.

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Being Mama | Motherhood Moments I Hope To Remember Forever

Being Mama | Motherhood Moments I Hope To Remember Forever | Bethadilly Photography |

i am constantly filling up their baby books and writing them letters to document not only their milestones and important dates, but to remember all that i can.  not only do i document these details for them, but also for us to look back on.  because it seems like we will remember everything, but there are just so many little details that can easily be forgotten.  as the girls grow, i know this list will change and grow but at this point in motherhood, i hope that i always remember:

sitting on the floor and cuddling every morning with our oldest, in our pajamas

the way our littlest grabs my face in her hands

the way our oldest naturally reaches for my hand, when we walk together

hugging my littlest, cheek to cheek, after her morning feed and breathing her sweet smell

how our oldest calls applesauce, “applesauce-sauce”

how i have to close my eyes while nursing our youngest, because if i make eye contact with her, she will smile and laugh instead of eat

spontaneous hugs from our oldest, while i am sitting on the playroom floor

how our littlest tucks her chin down and gives the sweetest smile, with the biggest eyes

how our oldest says, “mama so happy!” and “daddy so happy!”  i love that she can see this.

how our littlest hums right before she falls asleep

i love that this list will change and grow in the years ahead.  but today finds me really grateful for the little details that make up motherhood.  of course, there are moments when i crave some time to myself and find peace in the quiet house during naptime.  but that deep fear of time passing by and them growing fast has me missing them already, so cherishing the little details really helps bring peace to my heart.

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