A Sweet Little Lamb | Our Baby’s Baptism

with our baby’s baptism having been on our family calendar for months, we have been so excited for our family to join and surround us as our second daughter was welcomed into faith.  and being one who loves bath time, she took to her baptism effortlessly and warmheartedly loved watching the priest who showered her with holy water.  not only is baptism such a beautiful milestone for our children that warms our hearts, but it is such a beautiful reminder for us to choose good.  during both of our girls’ baptism, each priest eloquently reminded us that a baptism is not only for the child being baptized, but for all of us to renew ourselves.  it was prominent thought during our first’s baptism, and again during our second daughter’s special day.

wearing the same christening dress her sister wore two years ago to her own baptism, our littlest brought her entire sweet heart and happiness to her baptism day.  my favorite thing about her baptism portraits are that they are 100% her.  she is bubbly and sweet, and currently loves alternatively chewing on and throwing her giraffe teeth.  each equally thrill her to pieces.  you can’t look in her direction without being welcomed with a huge grin and her tender disposition is admirable.

to our daughter, we promise to always guide you and protect you.  to answer your questions and calm your fears.  to show you the way and remind you of Him.  to support you, to love you, to listen to you.  to always remember that we are here to teach you, but to learn from you as well.  you are so sweet, little lamb.  and our life is beautiful because you are apart of our family.

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Our Baby’s Baptism Outfit Details

janie and jack baptism dress (2016) | similar one here

cable knit knee socks | courtesy of cammi and co

blush bow | posey baby

blush wooden teether | late night luna

classic giraffe teether | can be purchased here

A Sweet Little Lamb | Our Baby’s Baptism

A Sweet Little Lamb | Our Baby's Baptism | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadilly.comA Sweet Little Lamb | Our Baby's Baptism | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadilly.comA Sweet Little Lamb | Our Baby's Baptism | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadilly.com

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