For Photographers : How To Dress For A Photo Session

here’s the thing.  and i mean this in a polite way.  yoga pants and messy hair just don’t cut it as a professional outfit for photographing a client.  yes, i know…as photographers we do just about anything to get a photo including laying on the ground, climbing trees and putting ourselves into physically uncomfortable positions.  i understand the appeal to wearing comfortable clothing to photograph in, but i think it is possible to be comfortable and professional at the same time.  for me, my clients pay a lot of money to have me photograph their family.  they are paying for a professional service so i should display myself professionally.  and if you are being paid for your photography, you should dress professional as well.  even though you’re behind the camera, your professional image still matters.  as you are contemplating how to dress for a photo session, keep these 5 tips in mind.

as you prepare to look amazing, help your clients look amazing too!  here are 10 ideas for what to wear for family photos for your clients!

For Photographers : How To Dress For A Photo Session

For Photographers : How To Dress For A Photo Session | Bethadilly Photography

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1.  Be Aware of Color Casts

when considering how to dress for a photo session, make avoiding color casts your first priority.  remember, bright colors can bounce off of your client’s skin and create unnatural skin tones…making editing in lightroom a nightmare!  avoid wearing colors that are bright and vibrant, and stick with neutrals instead.  when shopping, i make sure to buy neutral tops in grays, tans, whites, and creams to avoid color casts.

2.  The Benefits of Wearing White

my closet is full of white tops, since white does not cast any color onto my clients when i wear it.  also, as a bonus, it is possible for the white of your shirt to act as a natural reflector!  it may not be as effective as an actual reflector, but can work!

3.  Be Professional

hey, i love being comfortable just as much as the next person.  and if you are photographing for yourself or your family, dress how you want.  however, if you are having a client pay you to photograph them, it’s good practice to dress professionally.  don’t worry, you can totally keep comfort in mind too!  because i like to lay on the ground and climb things to get better composition and perspective, i love wearing a stretchy skinny jean.  they are super comfortable, but professional!  i personally love the skinny stretch jeans from american eagle.  i wear a skinny jean paired with a flowing neutral shirt to stay comfortable, yet professional.

if you are worrying about your nice clothes getting dirty, delegate certain pieces to wear to photo sessions only.  if i have a pair of jeans that are well loved but still professional, i set them aside for photo sessions.  that way, i am not heart broken should they get dirty or ripped.

4.  Be Careful With Accessories

accessories are the easiest way to dress up an outfit and turn an everyday outfit into something more professional.  i am a huge fan of a statement necklace and often wear jeans, a white top and a fun necklace.  when choosing accessories be careful that you don’t wear anything that reflects light.  you know how when you are sitting in a room and notice little beads of light on your walls from your wedding ring or watch?  that’s the light bouncing off your pretty jewelry.  be careful with this, as you don’t want to cast unnatural light not your clients.  again, editing nightmare!

5.  Boots Or Flats Make The Best Footwear

if i am photographing a family downtown in a more urban setting, i choose flats.  they are comfortable and easy to walk in.  i also wear flats to my lifestyle newborn sessions because they are easy to slip off once i arrive at my client’s home, as i feel it is polite to remove your shoes when you are a guest in someone’s home.  for my outdoor sessions that take place in parks or in settings that have more nature, i always opt for my hunter boots.  they are firmly on my feet so i don’t slip out of them (i have a tendency to slip out of flats easily on grass or gravel), and they are tall enough to allow me to climb through tall grass and stay comfortable.  plus, if my hunter boots get dirty, it takes a simple wet paper towel to make them brand new again.

when you consider how to dress for a photo session remember that you are representing your brand and setting the tone for your session.  by dressing professional you are showing that you are offering a professional session.  keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your next session.

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