iPads + Photography : Why iPads Support Your Photography

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it’s funny how one of the things i use most with my photography isn’t necessarily a camera or lens, by an iPad.  after investing in my iPad a couple years ago, i often wondered how i ever did photography without one.  i find that i turn to it to do a variety of things and, when i am on the go, it is the practical device to grab.  while i don’t take pictures with my iPad (i actually really find it annoying when people hold up iPads like cameras), i find that my iPad is great for my photography in a variety of supporting ways.  if you are contemplating whether getting an iPad is worthwhile or not, check out the few ways my iPad supports my photography.

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iPads + Photography : Why iPads Support Your Photography

iPads + Photography : Why iPads Support Your Photography | Bethadilly Photography

Great For Photography Education

because photography courses usually include video tutorials and editing videos, i find that i turn to my iPad a lot when it’s time to take a photography course.  rather than sit at my desk, i like to get comfortable while i learn and my iPad allows me to do that.  having an iPad also makes my education more accessible, as i can bring a tutorial with me on location to reference while i am shooting, whether it be trying to get a great sunburst or experimenting with free lensing.

Can Help Ease Clients During Sessions

there are times when i use iPads during sessions, and times when i don’t.  honestly, it depends on the client.  i love keeping my pinterest page available on my iPad for reference for my clients, if needed.  let me clarify here, i only show them my own work on pinterest because, well…why would i show them other photographer’s work?  here’s how this works for me.  sometimes clients, mostly dads, get super nervous about being in front of the camera.  they feel awkward and don’t know what to do.  if my exact direction isn’t helping, i find that pulling out my iPad and showing them, “see, THIS is what we are going for,” helps immensely!  some clients are more visual and need to SEE what your vision is.  some clients need to SEE how i want them to hold their wife close, or SEE how i want them to position their baby in their arms.  sometimes visuals are the best tool and, once they get the idea of what we are going for, we can modify it to look natural for them.

A Touch of Professionalism

iPads are a great way for you to demonstrate things to your clients, with a dose of professionalism.  at the end of your session, pull out your iPad and show them where they can find your photography Facebook page where you will be sharing a sneak peek for them.  most clients have seen your website upon hiring you, but remind them of your website where you will share their family feature once their images are edited.  while i don’t do this regularly with my clients, it is something that i try to do more and more to transition the end of the session into final questions before we depart.

iPads are a wonderful tool for photographers to use, whether it is using them to encourage their education or to be a visual aid during client sessions.  i am not one to buy a lot of gear and tools, but i do think that iPads are a wonderful investment for photographers.  i even find that keeping up and maintaining social media accounts is another great use for the iPad.  if you are thinking of investing in an iPad, do it!  they are worth the purchase.

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