Kid Friendly Apple Pie Recipe

well, it is only october 2nd and we have already enjoyed two really good apple pies this season…and the leaves haven’t even changed yet.  i mean, there is just something about pie after september that is totally necessary.  we went apple picking about a month ago and came home with lots of yummy apples that begged to be put into either a pie or crisp.  i am not much of a cook (because i just don’t enjoy it much) but when it comes to baking, i honestly can impress you.  just ask my husband…he was way too happy with these apple pies.  and to surprise you even more, the recipe i used was from a children’s picture book!  not lying.  because our little one is about a year and a half, i knew i wanted a kid friendly apple pie recipe that could involve her in some way.  and surprisingly, it turned out the be the best pie recipe i have found!

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Kid Friendly Apple Pie Recipe

Kid Friendly Apple Pie Recipe | Bethadilly Photography

the night before we went apple picking, we read amelia bedelia’s first apple pie to our little girl.  it is honestly one of our favorite fall books because it is really cute and has a lot of fun humor (which can totally be appreciated by us adults who have to read the same book over and over and over again!).  since this was our daughter’s first apple pie, this book was totally meant to be!  and to make it even better, there is a recipe at the very end of the book for an apple pie and it is dang perfect!

to be completely honest, i made the pie and she munched on apples.  and a year and a half, our little one isn’t walking yet so it wasn’t easy for me (and a pregnant belly) to hoist her up the entire time to help me.  next year, this girl will have flour in her hair and we will have a lot of fun.  but we still had fun eating apples while i did the baking.

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