A Classic Gender Neutral Nursery – Baby No. 2’s Room!

of course, one of the best things about being pregnant (for me anyways) is styling the new nursery.  i am not a lover of themes.  no really though, themes are just not my thing.  i think themes are all little overwhelming and i don’t like walking into rooms and seeing 100 bunnies on the walls, blankets, clothes, etc.  i didn’t base our first baby’s room around a theme and for the second baby, i didn’t either.  instead, i went for a style.  the style of this room is simply classic, with a little farmhouse feel.  i am a lover of classic things, wooden toys, knit dolls, and simplicity.  if my grandmother were to buy it for her new baby years ago, it is something that is definitely my style.  i am a picky vintage lover.  (definition: lover of vintage, but really choosy).  🙂  furthermore, we aren’t finding out the gender our little one so our nursery was designed to be a classic gender neutral nursery.  but if you know me in real life, i have an aversion to color so even if we knew the gender, i would have still gone neutral…it’s just calm and soft.  not to mention, it’s the perfect recipe for white balance perfection.

as i worked towards creating the classic look i was going for, i collaborated with a lot of beautiful baby companies to bring this nursery together and was humbled with the number of shops who sent items for our new baby-to-be to be featured within this post.  at the end of this post, you will find a list of all the shops that sent things for our nursery so definitely go check out their beautiful products!

this post contains some affiliate links, which means i get a commission for items purchased through the link.  thank you in advance for supporting my blog.

A Classic Gender Neutral Nursery – Baby No. 2’s Room!

A Classic Gender Neutral Nursery - Baby No. 2's Room! | Bethadilly Photography

Nursery Collaboration Shops

*the following shops sent items for free to be featured in our new nursery.  a huge thank you!

juniper bonnet courtesy of June Isle Clothier

classic baby rattle courtesy of Bannor Toys

lux oxford shoes courtesy of Honey and Hide

sign over crib courtesy of House Off Ninety Six

nettle overalls courtesy of Little Cottonwood

leather baby changing mat courtesy of Gathre

sebastian the lamb (20”) courtesy of Cuddle and Kind

pom pom swaddle and lace swaddle courtesy of Charley Charles

coffee teether and braided clip courtesy of Little Sapling Toys

striped swaddle and burps cloths courtesy of Copper Pearl

kimono coverall courtesy of Tane Organics

bebe embroidered hoop courtesy of Oh Dear Clothes

little nursling onesie courtesy of Milo’s Corner

baby brush set courtesy of Natemia

nature jumpsuit and bandana bib courtesy of Lenny Lemons

baby milestone cards courtesy of Blossom and Pear

Additional Nursery Source List

brushed brass dresser knobs purchased on Amazon

piggy bank purchased locally but can be found here

gold round mirror purchased at Target

crib purchased on Amazon

sophie giraffe purchased locally but can be found here

rectangular shelves purchased locally but can be found here

whale bookends purchased on Amazon

moses basket purchased on Amazon

crib sheet purchased on Amazon

changing pad cover purchased on Amazon

crib skirt purchased on Amazon

giant plush giraffe purchased on Amazon

9 months book purchased on Amazon

a is for atom book purchased on Amazon

and now the countdown to baby begins.  all the clothes are washed and hung.  big sister is saying “baby” and brushing up on her nursery rhymes.  mama and dada and banking sleep and preparing for two under two.  and all we do is wait!

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