Nursing Friendly Clothes For The Modern Mom

when i had my first baby, i was fortunate enough that she took to breastfeeding right away, very easily, and continued until about 2 weeks before her first birthday when she self-weaned.  after worrying that breastfeeding wouldn’t work for me and hearing all the struggles of other mamas, i was so relieved when my daughter literally taught herself to breastfeed within an hour of being delivered by c-section.  in the months ahead, the actual act of breastfeeding was easy for us.  what wasn’t easy was clogged milk ducts, threatened mastitis, and being limited to certain wardrobe pieces because most clothes aren’t very nursing friendly.  with our second baby on the way, i am prepping my body and my closet for breastfeeding again and was happy to find a really beautiful shop of nursing friendly clothes for the modern mom.

i collaborated with milk made market and they sent me their beth dress, a nursing friendly dress that easily pulls down because of the stretchy fabric.  it’s so nice to find a dress that i don’t have to completely take off to nurse in!  what’s even better, this dress looks really cute with a bump!  i originally wanted this dress for nursing, but loved that i could also rock it with a bump beforehand.  because don’t we all love to get the most out of our clothes!?

if you look at the items in milk made market’s shop, you will be relieved to see that they create so many fashionable items that are also easy to nurse in.  we can say goodbye to wearing tank tops only, or loose fitting tops and hello to really cute outfits that allow us to nurse easily instead of struggling in and out of!  definitely go check out their shop, their beautiful products are so refreshing and encouraging to breastfeeding mamas!

Nursing Friendly Clothes For The Modern Mom

Nursing Friendly Clothes For The Modern Mom | Bethadilly Photography

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