Landscape Photography : 5 Things To Consider When Photographing Landscapes

truth be told, landscape photography isn’t something that i do a lot of.  however, when i do, there are things that i definitely consider when photographing a landscape.  in fact, when i look at these images, i am inspired to give landscape photography more of a try because there really is so much beauty to be found in the various landscapes that make up our world.  okay, but in all seriousness, i totally jacked this golden gate bridge picture from my husband’s phone.  it was a snapshot taken during a business trip, didn’t he do a great job?  thanks, honey!  okay, back to landscape photography…here are 5 main things you might want to consider when photographing any given landscape.

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Landscape Photography : 5 Things To Consider When Photographing Landscapes

Landscape Photography : 5 Things To Consider When Photographing Landscapes | Bethadilly Photography

1.  Your Horizons Should Be Straight

although this seems to be obvious, it amazing how many photos i have with tilted horizons.  yes, i went through a phase when i thought that a tilted horizon was “artistic.”  oh boy.  when taking a photo of a landscape, be sure that your horizon line is straight.  if you are like me and can’t shoot perfectly straight, you can always fix it in lightroom during post processing.  but try and get your horizon as straight as possible out of camera.

2.  Aperture Choice

you may want to consider using a higher aperture to ensure that all of your landscape image is in focus.  first determine if you want everything in focus and then choose the corresponding aperture.  for images where you want the entire scene in focus, be sure to use a higher aperture like f/16.  for images were you would like to blur either the background or foreground, play around with lower apertures such as f/3.5 or lower.

Landscape Photography : 5 Things To Consider When Photographing Landscapes | Bethadilly Photography

3.  Consider Your Lens Choice

my favorite lens to use for landscapes, and outdoor photography in general, is my wide angle lens.  my wide angle lens allows me to get more of my surroundings within the frame, without having to back up too far to do so.  consider your lens choice and choose a lens that will allow you to photograph more of your landscape.

4.  Incorporate Depth

i really find it fun to incorporate depth into my landscape photography.  in the image above of the cherry blossoms, i was focusing on the water landscape in the background but decided to frame my focal point with the cherry blossoms in the foreground.  when possible, use your natural surroundings to frame your landscape and incorporate depth into your image.  it will help bring more dimension to your landscape photo and invite the viewer into the frame.

5.  Composition Rules Apply

just like in any type of photography, all composition rules still apply and are very effective when using in landscape photography.  be sure to think about the rule of thirds, framing, depth, pops of color, etc when determining how to compose your photo.  landscape photography doesn’t have to be flat and boring, it can be brought to life through your composition choice.

landscape photography can be so beautiful and definitely frame-worthy.  as you are being inspired by the landscapes that surround you, be sure to consider these 5 tips when taking your next landscape photos.  do you find yourself photographing a lot of landscapes?  what tips would you add to the list?

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Landscape Photography : 5 Things To Consider When Photographing Landscapes | Bethadilly Photography

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  • Taylor Bishop - Thank you so much for these tips on landscape photography. I’m glad that you mentioned that it’s important to consider the lens you are using, and that it’s important to pick one that can allow to see more of the landscape. Definitely seems worthwhile for new photographers to research and learn more about lens types as well as other factors to be able to capture a great photo. Better to let the photographer be in charge and know what to do than to let the camera control the photographer, I think.ReplyCancel