Learning To Take Video With A DSLR

one of my main goals for 2017 was learning to take video with a dslr.  i had seen a couple photography friends learn how to make videos of their family and, with the birth of our first child last year, i felt it was the right time to learn how to do this myself.  i have to tell you, it has inspired my photography in so many ways.  while i will always love still photos, there is something to be said about the impact of video.  to be able to see movement and hear voices, paired with beautiful songs, brings so much real meaning into the frame.  i created my very first video of my family, which you will find below, and it has inspired so many of you to want to learn video that i felt it necessary to give you a little more detail about how important video has become to me, as a photographer and a mama, and how you can learn too.

want to see what gear i use?  check out my photography gear, you’ll be surprised to see how minimalistic i am.

Learning To Take Video With A DSLR

Learning To Take Video With A DSLR | Bethadilly Photography

to get an exact glimpse at what gear i use, be sure to check out my photography gear.  for creating this video, i used my nikon D750 and my 24mm.  at times, i also set up a tripod to allow me to get in the frame as well.  for post processing, i used lightroom and adobe premiere pro.

A Day In The Life – 9 Months from Bethany Deschamp on Vimeo.

learning to take video with a DSLR was really important for me this year because i really wanted to document my daughter’s growth and childhood in a different way.  more importantly, i wanted her to be able to watch these videos when she grows up to see and hear what a typical day was like when she was a baby.  my still photography is still my main passion, but video has given me yet another way to document our everyday in a beautiful way.

to learn how to take video, i took a class with everyday films and this video was my final project for the class.  in weeks, i began filming video that I was and am really happy with and this class was worth every penny.  if learning to take video with a DSLR interests you, i would recommend taking this class so you can gain a full understanding of the technique to use during filming and how to create a video from start to finish while editing.

learning to take video with a DSLR has been one of the best things i have done for myself and my photography.  it is yet another way i can document my family and our everyday through a lifestyle approach and my family really loves it.  not only was learning to take video with a DSLR so beneficial for me, but for my family too.  being able to see our everyday in motion has sparkled my creativity as i look for even more ways to create compelling movement in video.

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  • Nidhi - I’ve been following your blog for sometime now and it’s been very helpful. But I don’t really know you or your family and yet this video gave me the warmest feeling all through:) Beautifully made!ReplyCancel