Letters To My Children | 19 Months + 33 Weeks (In My Belly)

Letters To My Children | 19 Months + 33 Weeks (In My Belly)

Letters To My Children | 19 Months + 33 Weeks (In My Belly)

thursday, november 30, 2017

dear babies,

tomorrow begins both the most wonderful time of the year and…the fastest.  the christmas season always brings so much joy to our home, but it also goes by in the blink of an eye, meaning this last full month of pregnancy is going to go by with the snap of my fingers and soon we will be a family of four.  before all of that, i thought i better write another letter to you to document what’s happening in our everyday.

to my oldest:

you are quite the jabber box, these days!  you are now saying 25 words and talking from the moment you wake until the moment we say prayers and lay you down to sleep.  you love, love, love talking to your daddy on the phone when he is at work.  and when he calls us to say he is on his way home, you just light up when the phone rings.  mama doesn’t get the chance to talk to daddy when he calls anymore, as you quickly grab the phone and walk around the house jabbering into the speaker.  it is a special time for you to tell him all about our day and it’s so sweet to watch.

we have been keeping so busy, these days!  you now do swim school with daddy instead of mommy, so mommy can rest on the sidelines with baby no. 2 and take pictures of you swimming.  you are the best splasher in the group and are getting so great at swimming.  you also love story time at the library and we found a really great group that we love going to.  you love doing puzzles during our library visit and picking out books to take home.  we currently have a lot of christmas books in our book bag to enjoy this month!

when it comes to food, you are getting so good at using your spoon and fork!  your current favorite food is cherry tomatoes and you love saying “yes!” when i bring them out of the fridge.  you also love bananas and exclaim “nana!” when you see them!  the last couple of weeks you have had a slight cold, so there has been some extra cuddling and coughing.  i got the cold right along with you, so i know how crummy it feels but you really keep your spirits up despite not feeling your best.

tomorrow marks our last full month as a family of three!  daddy and i have a lot of fun activities planned for our family to ensure that we spend some fun quality time together before the baby arrives and we know you will have so much fun.  lots of surprises coming for you!

in the weeks before you become a big sister, there are so many things that i want to tell you.  first, you are so incredibly loved by daddy and me. everything you do brings us joy and watching you grow has brought so much fun into our lives.  you gives us a wonderful dose of laughter and smiles every single day and we couldn’t be prouder of the kind and sweet little girl you are becoming.  everything about you in humbling and you show us that it is family, not things, that mean the most.

having a little brother or sister in the house is going to be a little different for all of us, but it is also going to be really fun.  you are soon going to meet your best friend.  that person who will laugh with you, play with you, grow up with you, and be your biggest fan.  sometimes you are going to have to share mommy and daddy with your new brother or sister, but know that they will also share us with you too.  no matter what, you will always be our first and the one who made us mommy and daddy and there is always something so special about that.

to my littlest:

you are a mover and a shaker!  and we are pretty sure that you move a lot more than your sister did, in my belly.  about three days ago, i am pretty sure you flipped head down, which is really exciting!  it’s hard for me to tell, but i am pretty certain i am feeling feet near my ribs and a tush near my belly button.  your big sister stayed head up, so this is all very new to mama to have a flipped baby and we will see if the doctor confirms it in a couple weeks!

at our last appointment, your heartbeat was strong and perfect!  after being really concerned about some pain around my belly button, the doctor quickly diagnosed mama with having an umbilical hernia.  it explains all the discomfort i have been experiencing.  most of the time, it feels completely fine and then there are the times when you push against it and it feels…not so great.  but everything should feel much better once you are born, so mama is thankful for that!

everything is prepped and ready to go for your arrival!  mama is putting the finishing touches on the hospital bag, important phone numbers are on the fridge and waiting to be called for “it’s time!”, and daddy is putting the baby carseats in both of our cars this weekend.  we are 3 weeks away from full term, or what daddy likes to call “any day now!”  your clothes are washed and ready, your room is more than perfect and you have three very excited people who are so excited to meet you!

as we enjoy these final weeks of pregnancy and being a family of three, we are so excited for the both of you.  having a sibling is such a precious thing and we know that you both will grow up having so much fun with one another.  we already see ourselves as a family of four and are already thinking of adventures to take next year.  we love you both so so much and, while we cherish today, we are so excited for tomorrow!

love, mama

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