Elf On The Shelf Shenanigans

i have to say, this year christmas is taking the cake.  at 20 months old, our little smartie pants is embracing christmas fully.  she loves the christmas tree, looks at her christmas books daily, and the return of oliver the elf was a hit!  we adopted ollie last year, but at just 8 months old our daughter didn’t really understand.  this year, they are best friends.  and the elf on the shelf shenanigans have been so much fun.

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when i say shenanigans, i mean pure fun.  our elf on the shelf is a little different that the traditional elf.  while the rule is that children aren’t allowed to touch him because he will lose his magic, our elf’s magic is fueled on kissed and cuddles.  i mean, we are 20 months.  if she wants to give her elf smooches, she can give her elf smooches.  and while other elves arrive each morning doing something disobedient, our elf is a good elf.  he doesn’t do naughty things like dump out the toy bin or unroll rolls of toilet paper.  he simple comes to play each day, sometimes bringing christmas gifts to build anticipation for christmas morning.  (i mean, the whole concept of the elf on the shelf is to watch over children and report their behavior to santa each night.  so it seems a little odd and confusing to little ones that someone who encourages good behavior should be naughty…so, our elf is a good elf.)

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Elf On The Shelf Shenanigans

Elf On The Shelf Shenanigans | Bethadilly Photography

so far this year, our elf has brought christmas stickers for craft time, wrapped christmas books for us to open and reach each night, and surprised us with train tickets to the north pole to visit with santa.  he is a sweet little elf, who she completely adores.  and next year, we are so excited that we will have two little sets of feet searching for oliver the elf each morning.  it’s such a fun tradition that our whole family is enjoying.

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