Our Christmas Card Memory Book

last year was our very first christmas with our daughter, when all my well thought out traditions that i had been dreaming of played out.  one of those traditions was taking christmas photos in christmas pajamas, which always proves to be one of my favorite photo sessions of the year.  i like to include a favorite item of hers within the photos, as a way to subtly tell a story of her current favorite thing.  last year, it was her sophie giraffe teether, but this year she took a huge loving to our christmas card memory book that i annually add to.  (i have received a lot of questions about this book, so i will chat more about it towards the end of the post).

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because i know that i love these photos so much, i always order her christmas pajamas towards the end of summer/beginning of fall.  each year, we’ve worn burts bees baby pajamas because i am obsessed with their clothing.  they do sell quickly though, so i am mindful of purchasing them at least a season or two ahead of time to get the ones i want.

this year’s photos showed me just how much of a toddler we have.  she is a busy little bee, making the photos that much better.  i love that they show her love for our christmas card memory book and her busy and inquisitive personality.  last year, i simply sat her in the middle of the bed and took a thousand photos of her, while this year i was chasing her around the bed with my camera (and eight month pregnant belly).

all the photos within this post were taken with my nikon d750 and sigma art 24mm f/1.4 lens.

Our Christmas Card Memory Book

Our Christmas Card Memory Book | Bethadilly PhotographyOur Christmas Card Memory Book | Bethadilly Photography

our christmas card memory book is simply a book of our christmas cards, from the year we were married to the current year.  i don’t keep cards from family and friends within the book (shhhhh….i toss everyone else’s card at the end of the season), the book is simply filled with our family’s christmas card.  i love that the first one contains our wedding photo, with the current one showing us as a family of three with one on the way.  each year, our christmas card tells a huge story about our lives, whether that is through a sonogram announcement or photo of a recent move.

i simply use a 9×9 scrapbook album purchased at a local craft store (similar one can be found here).  the scrapbook album layout allows me to simply slip the card in each year (i actually tape it, so it is perfectly centered).  my favorite thing about our daughter seeing it this year is that she can recognize mama and dada on each page and points to us.  and let’s be real, i am flattered that she recognizes me in my wedding photo, which was a solid ten years ago.  mama has still got it!

just seeing how grown up she looks in this year’s photos, i am overwhelmed thinking that next year she will look even bigger and that she will have an almost 12 month old sibling in the pictures with her!  time is going by way too fast, but it always does.

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