March Book Pick + Discussion | A Virtual Book Club

reading is one of those things that i do for me.  it’s something that usually doesn’t cost any money (unless i just can’t wait to read a book and the wait list at the library is too long…which means, amazon prime!) :).  it’s something that i can do anytime, day or night.  and it’s something that i can do for hours, or for just 5 minutes.  and let’s be real, with two babies at home, hours of leisurely reading are few and far between unless i stay up way past my own bedtime.  and this mama needs her sleep!  i’ve been wanting to join a book club forever, but never found one that worked for my schedule, for one reason or another.  okay, okay…so i am also more of a homebody.  so when i put a little instagram poll out to see if anyone else wanted to join a virtual book club, i was antonished by how many of you were looking for the same thing as me: a little reading time, a little friendship, and a little slow down.  so, here is our virtual book club!

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March Book Pick + Discussion | A Virtual Book Club

March Book Pick + Discussion | A Virtual Book Club | Bethadilly Blog

i have to admit, choosing the first book for us to join together and read gave me a little anxiety.  as a people pleaser, i worried if everyone would want to read it, if everyone would have read it already and the biggest worry: what if i pick a book and it turns out to be awful!?  with all of this said, this is supposed to be for fun and if you have read the book, feel free to read something else this month and still join in our discussion!  and if you have suggestions for next month, be sure to let me know!

 Virtual Book Club Rules

1. no stressing out is allowed.  this is supposed to be a fun and relaxing activity for you.  don’t pressure yourself to read fast, set your own pace.  if you want to read the book in one sitting, go for it!  (i am crossing my fingers that we pick books that we won’t want to put down!)  if you want to read a certain number of pages per day, that’s great!  if you want to set a weekly or daily reading goal for yourself, that’s awesome!

2. without spoiling the book for others, feel free to leave comments in the comments section below as you read!  tell us your favorite part, your favorite quote, or maybe how you are feeling about or relating to the book.  use the comment section to tell us what page you are on and to encourage others!

3. be respectful, always.  not everyone is going to love the book, that’s why book clubs are fun!  everyone is different and entitled to their own opinion.  when posting, think about the feelings of others before you write.  simply said, just be kind.  this is supposed to be fun, simple and to encourage us to slow down and relax.

Ready To Read?

because this book club has started on a whim, i thought it best to quickly choose a book to start us off!  for march, let’s read orphan train by christina baker kline. because it would be impossible to choose one book that everyone hasn’t read, if you’ve already read this please still join in the discussion below without giving away the book!  and join in with us next month when we choose a new book!  bonus points if you recommend books for us to read!

Why This Book?

to be honest, i feel like i see this book everywhere.  and it has over 20,000 reviews on amazon…so i figure it’s a safe bet that we may enjoy it.  i’ve had all the big dreams of sitting down with coffee to read it, and life has just been plain busy.  also, i thought it would be great to start off our virtual book club with something inspirational.  something that may encourage us to slow down and think.

How I Will Make Time To Read This Month.

i encourage you to answer this question right now.  how are you going to make time to read this month?  for me, i plan to pick up this book whenever i feel the urge to pick up my phone.  i am trying to be more intentional to stop the mindless scrolling on my phone and, instead, do something more productive.  i also decided that i will purchase this book on my kindle, instead of a physical copy, so i can read it one handed and in low light during night time baby feedings.

Getting Started

to get started, borrow or purchase a copy of orphan train and start reading at your own pace.  but before that, introduce yourself below in the comment section and answer these three questions:

  1. tell us a good book you’ve read recently
  2. tell us how you will make time to read this month
  3. suggest a book you would like to read next

i’ll go first!  and thanks for joining in!  i am so excited to make more time to read and intentionally make some time to myself.

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  • Tanya Monroe - It has probably been six months or more since I have sat down to read a novel.  I have been reading photography books for over a year. Taking classes through Coles Classroom pro. 
    However I love Christian Novels  by Mildred Colvin.    I’m going to purchase this book on kindle through Amazon and hope I can spend some time each evening before bed reading instead of face booking and turning my head to mush Lol. Looking forward to meeting new friends also. Thank you for starting this book club!! ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - Oh, I have been looking for another Christian author so I will have to check him out! I adore Karen Kingsbury and have read most, if not all, of her Christian fiction novels. You may like her as well!ReplyCancel

      • Tanya Monroe - Thank you. After I read orphan train I will look them up. I’m excited that you h as be me reading again!!ReplyCancel

  • Feyza - Hi, so glad to be able to join this!
    1: my most recent favorite novel is called Scyte.
    2: Well, whenever my baby sleeps (he’s 3 months old) I will pick up a book and read. (I love reading so that’s what I always do anyway, aside from cleaning up that is.)
    3: The next book I’d like to read is “Salt to the Sea” by Ruta SepetysReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - Yes! Reading is few and far between with little ones but I love that you are going to read while he sleeps! That’s my plan as well!ReplyCancel

  • Jodie Hassa - This sounds like so much fun!! Thank you for doing this! 
    1. Unfortunately, it’s been too long since I have made time for me and just read. 
    2. I plan to read as a way to unwind after work and/or before bed. 
    3. Looking forward to starting Orphan Train, I do not have a suggestion for another book just yet. ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - Reading it such a wonderful way to unwind at the end of the day! So far I am loving Orphan Train and it is hard to put down, so I hope you enjoy it too!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - I literally just purchased this book after seeing it at the Strasberg Train Station Gift shop!  Now I’m excited to read it. I also have a newish baby (6 months) and 2 others (7 and 3) so reading is sporadic
    1. Currently reading “Ministry of Motherhood” by sally Clarkson. Everything she writes is pure gold!  
    2. Umm, I’m still working on this. One of my goals this year is to read more (less Facebook) 
    3. I have The Magnolia Story in my list. And Emily Ley. And Lara Casey. And more Sally. So many books ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - Yay!! I am so glad you already have a copy of the book…this was totally meant to be!! I loved Magnolia Story and Emily Ley’s book! I still need to read Lara Casey’s!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Gallo - Thank You for starting this book club!! I picked up Orphan Train from my library today and can’t wait to start reading. I made a 2018 resolution to read more books for fun.  I’ve been reading mostly photography and Lightroom books. I recently finished Wonder by RJ Palacio before watching the movie with my daughter. My plan is to wind down before bed by reading instead of surfing the internet on my laptop. Waiting on my nightstand is A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman.


    • {beth} a-dilly - Yay! So happy to have you joining in! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the book, it was hard for me to put down!ReplyCancel

  • Julie Mankin - Loved Orphan Train, a heartbreaking but heartwarming read!!ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - So beautifully and perfectly said, Julie! I too felt it equally heartbreaking and heartwarming! It’s so hard to read a book sometimes that breaks your heart, yet leaves you so inspired!ReplyCancel