Pajama Day | Documenting Her Final Nursery Days

last thursday i knew it was going to be a pajama day before i even opened my eyes.  the little 3 month old next to me was sniffling and i could hear coughing coming from the baby monitor on my nightstand, meaning the toddler was feeling sniffly too.  after putting my hair in a simple pony tail and changing both of their diapers, i put them in a fresh pair of pajamas and declared it “pajama day!”  it turned out to be one of the best days ever, as both of my girls were smiley and in wonderful spirit, despite their runny noses.  turns out, allergies!  those pretty flowers that are blooming outdoors make my little ones sniffly…they get it from their daddy.  but my goodness, we should have bought stock in tissues because it was booger city at our house.

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with our oldest officially two, we are expecting the day when we disassemble that crib that we just assembled while pregnant with her and transitioning to a big girl bed.  we don’t know if it will be in the next weeks or in the next months; it is something we are chatting with her pediatrician about today and we are waiting for her to show us she is ready.  she is showing no signs of wanting to upgrade, she simply loves her bed.  she never tries to climb out of it (despite the photo of her playing that way below 🙂 ) and she has always been the best sleeper so i don’t want to mess up a good thing!  i promised myself i wouldn’t transition her until her little sister is transitioned into sleeping through the night in her room…mama can’t have two transitions with sleep at once!  that would be unwise.

but despite all of the details, i know this time in the crib is likely coming to an end by the end of summer and i wanted to document her in her crib before that day comes.  and her daddy and i are having a little too much fun styling her new room makeover (and for those who really know me, you know i have a little blueprint all laid out) so in a way i am excited to see the crib days go, but i am also clutching on to one of the last things that truly makes her a baby.  motherhood is always a fine balance of hanging on to yesterday and being excited for tomorrow.  i always try to balance myself somewhere right in between.  so before that day comes where we take this sweet crib apart, i document everything about her and her first bed.

motherhood has taught me to live life with intention, so i am always intentional about capturing all the moments with my camera before my little ones outgrow those moments.  i never want to wish i would have taken the picture, so i always take the picture.

Pajama Day | Documenting Her Final Nursery Days

Pajama Day | Documenting Her Final Nursery Days | | Bethadilly Photography

this little photo series started when i noticed my 2 year old playing sweetly with her baby mobile.  what once hung above her as a newborn baby to captivate her attention was suddenly within arms reach and became a really fun toy to bat her arms at.

Nursery Source List

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Pajama Day | Documenting Her Final Nursery Days | | Bethadilly Photography

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