The Hatch Baby Grow | Why Every New Mom Needs An At Home Baby Scale

let me start by saying, i only post about products that i 100% love and use.  the content on my lifestyle blog is never written with the intention to make you spend more money, but with recommendations for things that i honestly think will help on your motherhood journey.  i am not getting paid to write this post, but understand how mom reviews have helped me decide on baby purchases and so i want to pay it forward and help you.  i understand that having a baby is not only stressful, but expensive.  in our modern motherhood world, there is a device for everything and that can be a little overwhelming.  but listen to me when i say, some devices will literally save you from going insane and are worth every single penny.  and the hatch baby grow smart changing pad is one of those baby products that completely and utterly saved my sanity during my second daughter’s newborn days and first few months.  if you are on the fence deciding on whether the hatch baby grow is something you need, let me convince you by telling you our story.  even my husband has been telling me to blog about this scale because it honestly is a staple item that we use daily and, in my opinion, a must have!

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The Hatch Baby Grow | Why Every New Mom Needs An At Home Baby Scale

The Hatch Baby Grow | Why Every New Mom Needs An At Home Baby Scale |

when our youngest was born in january, i felt like i was super prepared.  she was our second, we had done this newborn thing before.  we weren’t going into this parenthood thing for the first timed and we felt super prepared.

our second baby was born completely healthy, with an APGAR of 9.9!  but like most breastfeeding mamas, my milk took it’s sweet time coming in.  while waiting for my milk to come in, our sweet girl developed jaundice.  her levels weren’t high enough to qualify her need for photo therapy (or going under the lights), but they were high enough that our doctor wanted to monitor her blood levels and color in the office frequently.  the only thing we could do?  breastfeed like crazy and have her pee it out.

at this point, i was a little bit of a wreck.  i understand that jaundice is a completely normal and common condition that most babies get, and i also understand that there are much worse things that babies can have.  but as a new, sleep deprived and overwhelmed mama…this jaundice rocked my world.  we now refer to it as “the j word” because it completely consumed our first 5-6 weeks of newborn life.  i cried daily about it and, when i wasn’t crying, i was worrying.  being the only one who could breastfeed, i felt solely responsible for flushing the jaundice out of her system and it was a lot of pressure that i put on myself.  and like most breastfeeding mamas, i was constantly asking myself whether she was getting enough milk.

and this is where the hatch baby grow literally saved my sanity.  and i say this with every honest bone in my body.

how do you know if you’re baby is getting enough milk?  count wet/poopy diapers and ensure they are gaining weight.  counting diapers was easy enough, and the hatch baby grow weighed her in seconds…whenever i wanted.  when i was worried, i weighed.  and then, i would see that she was gaining weight and i would breathe.  not only did this scale help me stay sane, but it helped me to breathe.

here’s how it works.  it is so darn easy, you can do it even while being massively sleep deprived!

The Hatch Baby Grow | Why Every New Mom Needs An At Home Baby Scale |

the hatch baby grow is a changing pad, but also a scale!  you can change diapers on it and weigh your baby on the same pad, plus it is wipeable…which you know is a plus!  no laundering changing pad covers when your little one has a blow out mid-diaper change, you just wipe away!

once you have the changing pad scale out of the box, you download their app…which is the best part!  the app powers the scale, gives your baby weight results in seconds and then my favorite part…gives you the percentile results and places your baby’s weight on the curve.  i love being able to see where my baby is ranking and ensuring that she stays within the same percentile range while she is gaining weight.

during the newborn days, i weighed her daily (at the same time, each day).  i was just so worried and the only thing that made me feel better was weighing her.  after the first few weeks, i started weighing her twice a week and now we weigh her on saturday mornings only.

i love that i don’t have to live in the state of worry between doctor weight checks and i can weigh her whenever i feel concerned.  let’s be real, sometimes babies go on nursing strikes or they cluster feed and it’s nice to be able to double check that they are gaining weight well in just seconds.

when weighing our baby, here is what works well for us…

  1. strip the baby down to their naked self!  clothes off, diaper off!
  2. make sure the scale is zeroed out, by pressing the button in app
  3. place baby on the scale and record their weight!
  4. weight baby at the same time each day, we do mornings before her first feed for the most accurate weight

and it’s as easy as that!  now having two babies at home, i have come across products that i think are a waste of money and products that i swear by.  the hatch baby grow is one of the products that i swear by.  we even weigh our toddler on it, from time to time.

peace of mind is priceless, it really is.  and this is one of those purchases that will give you peace of mind.  and when you are sleep deprived and worried, peace of mind is the ultimate gift.

if you are on the fence, buy it.  buy it, buy it, BUY IT!

and also, the jaundice cleared up perfectly!  she is now a nice little peach baby!

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