Photographing After Rain : 3 Places To Be Inspired

i think it is easy for us to use rainy days as an excuse to not pick up our cameras, when really photographing after rain can create some of the best images.  i don’t know about you, but spring at our house is a rainy mess.  the entire month after our daughter was born, it rained.  instead of being uninspired and letting my camera sit, i like to think about the unique possibilities that rain gives us, when it comes to photography.  it’s important to note that i do not photograph while it is raining, as i am not comfortable allowing my gear to get wet.  instead, i like to venture out after the rain has stopped to find some inspiration.  tried and true, each time i go searching for inspiration after it rains, i always have success in these three places.

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Photographing After Rain : 3 Places To Be Inspired

Photographing After Rain : 3 Places To Be Inspired | Bethadilly Photography

1. Rain Puddles

photographing after rain can be really fun because you can use rain puddles in a variety of ways to create very intriguing images.  you can shoot from above and capture some rippling movement and wet texture, or shoot from down low and photograph reflections in the puddle.  if you have willing participants, you can also play around with movement as you have them splash around and jump in the puddles.  use a slow shutter speed to portray movement, and a faster shutter speed to freeze the motion all together.

Photographing After Rain : 3 Places To Be Inspired | Bethadilly Photography

2.  In Your Car

it is really fun to find inspiration in your car after it rains.  for me, i love the way that the little beads of rain look on the sunroof of our car.  i think that the texture is really fun and makes for a really interesting photo.  when photographing in small spaces, like a car, i always find that using a wide angle lens is the best choice as it helps make the most out of the small space and makes photographing easier when there is not a lot of room to move around.

Photographing After Rain : 3 Places To Be Inspired | Bethadilly Photography

3.  On Branches

i love the way that raindrops cling to plants and individual branches after it rains.  while traveling during the fall, we experienced a really rainy day.  once the rain stopped, i ventured outdoors and found a really neat pine tree that had raindrops clinging to the needles.  only having my iPhone handy, i used the macro lens on my olloclip to bring the raindrop to life.  be sure to look for drops of rain on strands of grass, leaves on trees, or also on objects like toys that are left outside.

while rainy days tend to keep us cozy inside, don’t forget the inspiration that you can find in photographing after rain.  venture outdoors once the rain stops and use the gloomy weather as an opportunity to get creative with your photography.

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