Winter Photography : 5 Ways To Stay Inspired During Winter

for some, winter is long.  it’s gets dark early in the evening and stays dark later in the mornings.  it’s cold and the winter doesn’t have the vibrant color that seems to be abundant throughout the other seasons of the year.  it is for these reasons that most photographers find themselves uninspired during the winter months, me being one of them.  this past weekend i did some street photography, right in the middle of winter.  i was chilly and had a pink nose from the cold, but found myself finding ways to be inspired despite the weather and the gloomy winter surroundings.  if you find that winter leaves you uninspired with your winter photography, check out these 5 ways you can seek out inspiration with your camera.

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Winter Photography : 5 Ways to Stay Inspired During Winter

Winter Photography : 5 Ways to Stay Inspired During Winter | Bethadilly Photographywhile my photography style has been known to be very light and bright, i had fun trying out a more underexposed and moody style as i was doing a little street photography.  when we think of winter, we think of gloom and cold.  i wanted my images to reflect the cold, crisp weather and felt that a darker image portrayed that better than my normally bright style.  playing with a new photography, in and of itself, provided a boost of inspiration.

all of the photos in this post were taken with my nikon d750 and sigma art 24mm f/1.4 lens.
Winter Photography : 5 Ways to Stay Inspired During Winter | Bethadilly Photography

1.  Seek Out Textures

during the winter, colors change and our outdoor surroundings tend to be bleak.  to inspire your winter photography, seek out textures that aren’t dependent on the season, such as interesting buildings, benches, fencing, walkways, etc.  textures are an element that are present, regardless of the season.  focus on seeking out interesting textures and bringing them to life.  by slightly underexposing an image, you are able to bring textures alive and make them more realistic.

Winter Photography : 5 Ways to Stay Inspired During Winter | Bethadilly Photography

2.  Focus on Movement

as i stated, my nose was a little pink because the wind was blowing during my outing.  but even though the light wind made me chilly, it brought my surroundings to life.  bring some interest to your winter photography by seeking out movement and portraying it through your images.  as i was exploring, i found a golden plant outside of a hotel that resembled wheat.  even though it looked dead and without life, i was able to portray it in a more lifelike way with the help of a conveniently timed wind.  by using an aperture of f/1.4, i was able to create depth amongst the golden strands and create realism.

Winter Photography : 5 Ways to Stay Inspired During Winter | Bethadilly Photography

3.  Seek Out Signs of Life

not everything turns brown during the winter, so focus on seeking out plants that remain green throughout the year.  i stumbled upon a door surrounded by greenery.  there is something so refreshing about seeing green during the winter.  it’s like seeing water in the desert.  there is hope!  inspire your winter photography by seeking out those small signs of life with your camera, despite the crisp cold weather that lurks.

4.  Embrace The Color of Winter

even though signs of life are fun, i really like photographing true winter color.  i love seeing burnt yellows and oranges and even some deep tones of purple.  embrace the color that is winter as you are photographing.  just because something doesn’t look alive doesn’t mean you can’t bring it to life in your photographs.  there is an actual hashtag that people use on instagram called #lovelydeadcrap that showcases the beauty behind things that aren’t necessarily at their prime.

5.  Edit With Winter In Mind

as i mentioned, dark and moody images aren’t the type that you see from me often.  however, i was inspired to photograph and edit this way to portray the feeling of winter and the crisp cold.  just looking at these images makes me chilly, in a good way.  i feel like the shooting style and thoughtful edits help to bring the senses alive, especially the chilly feeling that we often experience during the winter months.

winter photography can really be inspiring if you allow yourself to embrace the season for what it is and seek out the elements that are both unique to the season and the elements that stay year round.  don’t be afraid to raise your iso to allow more light into your camera, as the winter months place a restriction on our light source.  be thoughtful about how you use the light that is available and allow yourself the freedom to photograph the season as it is.  there is so much beauty to be discovered during the winter months you just need to pack up your camera, and your gloves, and go find it.

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Winter Photography : 5 Ways to Stay Inspired During Winter | Bethadilly Photography

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