Why Photographers Should Embrace Friendship, Not Competition

if someone were to ask me what my favorite things about photography are, i would answer : (1) the ability to photograph my family memories, (2) the way photography makes me crave learning, and (3) the friendships i’ve created because of photography.  too often i see photographers compete with one another and it makes me sad because my photography friendships are something that i am very thankful for.  it’s sad to see people use a common interest as a way to compete, instead of a way to bond and form a friendship.  if you view other photographers as competitors instead of possible friends, here are a few things to keep in mind.  i hope this encourages you to let your guard down and embrace friendships with other photographers.  photography friends are so important and can offer so much to you.  you really are missing out if you aren’t embracing your fellow photographers.

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Why Photographers Should Embrace Friendship, Not Competition

Why Photographers Should Embrace Friendship, Not Competition | Bethadilly Photography

No Two Photographers Are The Same

seriously, every photographer is so different.  that is what makes friendship so fun!  even if two photographers have similar photography styles, they will be inspired in different ways.  you can take two photographers into a field and they will both come out with completely different photographs because their vision is unique to them.  while one photographer may be drawn to grab their macro lens and photograph a tiny ladybug, another photographer may be inspired by the light coming through the trees.  inspiration is unique to the photographer and, like thumbprints, no two photographers are the same.

You Can Learn From One Another

between my friends who are photographers and my friends who aren’t, it is my photography friends that teach me the most.  whether it is something technical like how to learn film or something personal like developing confidence with my photography, it’s my photography friends that teach me so much about myself and my passion for photography.  i love that, when we are together, we can all bring out our cameras and teach one another new things.  we can recommend photography classes we’ve taken or great photography books that have really inspired us.  there is something so refreshing about learning something new and it’s great to have friends that encourage your growth.

Lens Sharing

want to try out a new lens, but aren’t ready to buy one?  photography friends are great for sharing lenses.  when i wasn’t quite sure about macro, my friend megan was kind enough to allow me to borrow her macro lens for a few days to experiment with.  she saved me in so many ways.  not only did she allow me to create some really fun images by lending me her lens, but she also saved me from buying a lens that i need much more practice with before considering.

Honest Critiques

if you ask your husband or non photography friend if they like your picture, they will say, “it’s cool!” or “your baby is cute.”  both are wonderful things to say, but offer you no honest critique or takeaway.  if you were to show your photography friend the same photograph, they are insightful enough to say, “i love how you used your light, but be careful of your highlights,” or “you may want to raise your aperture, you seemed to miss your focus.”  it is honest critiques like this that will encourage your growth as a photographer and allow you to improve your photography.

There’s Enough Clients For Everyone

listen, there are so many clients out there, i promise there are enough for all of us.  there is no need to compete, the client that is right for you will hire you and the client that is right for your friend will hire your friend.  trust me when i say, every client isn’t looking for YOU.  just like you have your own photography style, so do clients looking to hire.  there are so many variables that go into hiring photographers like photography style, price point, availability, locations, photography type, etc.  if a client hires you, great!  if they don’t, great!  there are enough clients to go around, so let go of competing and just be friends.  there is no reason to avoid a photography friendship because you are in the same business because, i promise you, your businesses are different in one way or another.

Photography Friends Truly Understand You

photography friends truly understand one another.  they understand the complexity behind trying new things, the intimidation that comes with putting your work out there, and the fear that comes with feeling uninspired with your photography.  photography friends know exactly want to say to you to encourage you during these times and they also know when to let you work through it on your own.  having photography friends is so refreshing.

creating a friendship with other photographers is so beneficial and photography friendships are really inspiring.  there is something so lovely about being able to talk about photography and actually be heard!  do you have photography friend who helps to encourage and inspire you?  be sure to tag them below and tell them how much you appreciate them!

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