Photographing in Public : 3 Ways To Get Comfortable With It

i should probably start off this post by saying, i really have no shame and i don’t embarrass easily.  photographing in public is something that i was a little hesitant to do in the beginning, but quickly became comfortable with through practice.  for some photographers, photographing in public is completely mortifying.  they worry about what people are thinking and if they are bothering anyone.  they worry about if they are in someone’s way or simply don’t like attracting the attention of others.  getting comfortable photographing in public is something that just takes time.  in the beginning, it’s a little scary and definitely not as comfortable as photographing at home.  but if you remember these three things, you will start to become more comfortable photographing in public in no time.  pretty soon, you won’t even hesitate to bring your camera out in a public setting.

it’s so important to photograph for yourself.  photography is a way for you to share your passion and outlook with others through an image.  are you truly photographing for yourself?  here are 5 signs that you are photographing for others and not yourself.

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Photographing in Public : 3 Ways To Get Comfortable With It

Photographing in Public : 3 Ways To Get Comfortable With It | Bethadilly Photography

1. Think Of The Bigger Picture

no pun intended.  but really, think of the bigger picture here.  there is a reason why you grabbed your camera to take a picture, as something inspired you.  don’t let your fear of photographing in public hinder your vision and your inspiration.  if you are getting nervous, thing of the final picture and how you will regret it if you don’t take it.  your nervousness will last only a moment, but you will have a picture forever.

that being said, also remember that DSLRs are really popular now and don’t really attract the attention that they used to.

2. Choose Bare Areas

if photographing in public makes you nervous because you are worried that others will watch you, start out building your comfort by choosing bare areas in the beginning.  maybe you choose a grocery aisle that nobody is in, or you choose a park that isn’t busy.  i promise you, once you pick up your camera to start photographing you will focus more on getting your picture than you will on who is or isn’t watching you.  keep the privacy and comfort of others in mind as well.  would you want people randomly photographing you?  probably not.  choosing areas that are bare can be respectful to others and to their experience, especially if in a store.

when you first start photographing in public, try using an iPhone instead of a DSLR.  sometimes big fancy cameras are what attract attention, so if you are wanting to build your comfort first, start will a less noticeable camera and build your way up to photographing in public with your DSLR.  you definitely don’t have to start small, but it may be helpful if you are really nervous about it.

3. People Aren’t Really Watching You

to be honest, people aren’t really watching you.  when people see someone taking a picture of something, it attracts them to look not at you, but at what you are taking a picture of.  the act of you taking a picture isn’t what makes people curious, they are curious about what you are photographing.  you have peaked their curiosity and they are looking at your subject and not necessarily at you.  with this in mind, people aren’t going to stand around and simply watch you take pictures.  most people will temporarily glance at the situation and then go on with their life.

as you build you comfort with photographing in public, i promise it will get easier an easier.  but to be honest, building comfort is only going to happen if you try and practice doing it.  don’t give into the fear and leave your camera in your bag, take it out and photograph.  if you get embarrassed, it’s okay!  embarrassment lasts moments, i promise you will get over that feeling.  when i first started photographing in public, i would take out my camera at lightening speed and snap a picture so fast because i was so nervous about attracting attention.  after time, today i have no fear.  i will lay on sidewalks, stand on my tippy toes and take my time taking pictures, even if someone is looking.  it’s just a comfort thing, and everyone’s comfort level is different.

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Photographing in Public : 3 Ways To Get Comfortable With It | Bethadilly Photography

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