Photography Mentoring : 4 Tips For Finding Your Ideal Mentor

throughout my journey with photography, i have learned so much along the way.  to look back and see where i started, i can’t help but be proud of how far i have come to being the photographer that i am today.  i have read so many books, put in hours of practice, completed photography projects, and continue my own beautiful journey of learning, trial and error.  but one of the most powerful things i have done for my photography is have a photographer mentor.  someone who can look at my images and help me grow.  of all the things i have done for my photography over the years, taking the time to investing in photography mentoring has been the most beneficial to me and has given me to most takeaway.  of all the goals you make for your photography, you should consider investing in photography mentoring as one of them.

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Photography Mentoring : 4 Tips For Finding Your Ideal Mentor

Photography Mentoring : 4 Tips For Finding Your Ideal Mentor | Bethadilly Photography

photography mentoring is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself and for your photography.  by allowing another to look at your images and tell you the honest truth, you are allowing yourself to step away from your photography and grow.  you are allowing yourself to take a step back and really dig dip into your images and look at what you are doing successfully, and identify your struggles.  and it’s your struggles that really help shape your growth as a photographer because you can only succeed with photography if you know what areas you need to improve.

so how do you find that photographer mentor that is ideal for you?

1.  Choose Someone That Has A Portfolio That Inspires You

it seems fairly obvious, but look to the photographers that truly inspire you with their images.  whether it is their camera technique, editing style, the type of photography they offer or simply their perspective, your photography mentor should be someone who has a portfolio that is one you aspire to have.

2.  Choose Someone Who Has A Consistent Style

when you are investing in photography mentoring, finding a mentor that is consistent in their work is extremely important.  consistency shows you that they have mastered their skill and that they are confident in their photography style.  look at their personal work as well as their professional work to ensure that their style is consistent across the board.  this will tell you that they are capable of creating harmonious images that truly represent them each and every time they pick up their camera, whether it is for a client or for themselves.  and photographers who are confident and consistent with their style are photographers that can teach you how to do the same.

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3.  Choose Someone With A Similar Photography Style As You

it is important to note that this is not mandatory, but can prove to be helpful.  if you are investing in photography mentoring to help perfect your style, choosing a photographer who has a similar style may be a wise choice.  it is helpful to learn from someone who confidently creates the same types of images that you are striving for, as you will get the most out of your photography mentoring experience.  if you like soft and airy photos, having a photographer that has a portfolio full of colorful and high contrast images may not be your best fit.  just like if you are a newborn photographer, having a photograph mentor who specializes in wedding photography may not give you as much takeaway as a newborn photography mentor.

4.  Choose Someone Who Is Good With Business, Too

if you own a photography business or are looking to start one, having a photography mentor that has a photography business and runs it successfully is a great option for you.  it’s important to note that photography mentoring is not just for professional photographers, but for hobbyists as well.  however, if you are wanting to photograph for income, having a photography mentor that is in business can help you get a grasp on the art of professional photography and how to structure your images to create cohesive and complete collections for your clients.

photographing mentoring is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your photography.  sometimes it is hard to hear the things that we can improve upon, but that is where we truly grow the most.  if you really want to take your photography to the next step, having a photography mentor who can point out your weaknesses can help you decide where you want to focus your efforts.  knowing where we need to grow is half of the battle, and learning more about our weaknesses is extremely important if we want to get better.

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