Photographer Mentor : 5 Reasons You Should Have One

when we look back on our journeys with photography, i think all of us can choose a handful of things that really helped us becoming the photographers we are today.  being a photographer takes constant learning and shapes us into the photographers we are today.  when thinking about some of the best decisions i have made for my photography, having a photographer mentor is one of the best things i have ever done for myself and for my skill.  being brave and allowing someone else to look through my work and point out my weaknesses was a game changer for me and helped shape me into the photographer i am today.  it also changed the way i photograph and edit my images.

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Photographer Mentor : 5 Reasons You Should Have One

Photographer Mentor : 5 Reasons You Should Have One | Bethadilly Photography

having a photographer mentor has helped me so much when it comes to picking up my camera and looking at my images.  my photographer mentor, megan cieloha really took the time to dig deep into my images and identify my strengths and where i should focus on improving as i go forward.  listening to her comments about my images not only opened my eyes to a lot of techniques i wasn’t thinking about, but it also encourages me every time i pick up my camera.  now, when i pick up my camera, i am constantly thinking about what she has told me so i can create successful images.

having a photographer mentor can really open your eyes and look at your photography in a new way.  photographer mentors can help you in so many ways, but mainly your photographer mentor can help you do the following 5 things.

1.  They Identify Your Strengths

your photographer mentor is someone who will look at your images and help pinpoint what you are doing right.  whether it is proper white balance, exposure, crisp focus and much more, your photographer mentor will encourage you by showing you the areas that you are excelling in.  knowing what your strengths are can make you an even better photographer because you can continue doing it.

2.  They Identify Your Weaknesses

one of the most beneficial things about having a photographer mentor is having them identify your weaknesses.  it’s very important to know that, if you truly want to become a better photographer, you need to be brave by setting aside your feelings and be willing to hear the truth.  sometimes the truth can be hard to hear.  but it can also present you with the greatest opportunity to grow.  my mentor taught me how to be more aware of blowing highlights in my images, creating more crisp focus, and being more aware of how i use light.

3.  They Help You Set Goals

once you know what your weaknesses are, you can begin setting goals on how you will overcome them.  if you are struggling with editing, maybe you should set some goals on how you will become a better editor.  this could mean reading some books about editing software, taking a class, or practice editing consistently.

need some help setting photography goals for yourself?  read more about how goal setting makes you a better photographer.

4.  They Can Help Focus Your Attention

it is amazing how much having a photographer mentor will change the way you pick up your camera.  after you know what areas that you need to improve upon, you will think about them every time you go to take a photograph.  photographer mentors can really help you focus your attention, as you move towards perfecting a skill.

5.  They Can Help Strengthen Your Skill

sometimes your photographer mentor will point out a weakness that you never even knew you had.  and to be honest, it is so enlightening!  learning new things about your current skill will only help you as you work towards strengthening it.  when megan mentioned my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to highlights in my images, i was able to learn more about proper technique with highlights going forward.  had she not mentioned it, i would still be making the same mistakes today and, therefore, not become better with my photography.

having a photographer mentor is essential when it comes to strengthening your photography skill.  i love learning and i love watching my images improve, and that is all possible because of my photographer mentor.  as you consider working with a mentor to help you strengthen your photography skill, be sure to check out my mentoring packages to see if i could be the right mentor for you!

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