When You Can Say You’ve Found Your Photography Style

finding your very own photography style is a journey.  many photographers claim a photography style simply because the style is popular or trending.  they pick styles solely based on popularly.  but before long, they become burnt out with their photography because they are shooting for others and not for themselves.  they are not developing a style for themselves, but instead are adopting one and trying to fit in.  finding your very own photography style is something that only you can do.  it is a personal choice and each photographer’s style is personal to them.  it is something that takes some thought, time and practice.  so when can you say you’ve found your photography style?

are you one of the many photographers that is struggling with finding a style that is your very own and fully represents your vision?  be sure to read the styled photographer, which will take you on a journey of finding your own photography style.

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When You Can Say You’ve Found Your Photography Style

When You Can Say You've Found Your Photography Style | Bethadilly Photography

Your Portfolio is Cohesive

as you are perfecting your photography style you will start to see your images flow together better and better.  instead of visually looking like they are mixed and matched, once you have found your photography style your images will all relate to one another, despite the subjects within the frame.  a cohesive portfolio means that you consistently use light the same way, your white balance and exposure all match, and you give a perspective that is unique to you.

Others Know Your Work

this was the most defining moment for me when finding my photography style.  very consistently, i will have someone reach out to me and say, “i would know your work from a mile away.” or “i know your work, even without your watermark!” or “i instantly know a photograph is yours!”  this is music to my ears, and i am so appreciative and thankful whenever someone tells me this.  it is in these moments that i know i have found my photography style because, not only does it mean something to me, but it is impacting others.  when others easily recognize your work, you have found your photography style.

You Know When To Pick Up Your Camera

once you have found your photography style, it’s amazing how knowing your style helps you realize what moments you should photograph, and what moments you don’t feel inspired.  this feeling will be different for everyone, as everyone has their own unique style.  for me, i know to grab my camera when i notice pretty light or when i am provided with soft tones, whether it be my subject or a location.  alternatively, i know that i can pack a light photography bag when we go on an outdoor outing because i have learned that, while it’s beautiful, nature isn’t something that inspires my photography.  knowing what inspires you comes with finding your photography style, and you will continue to perfect this over time.

Editing is Streamlined

i feel like once i found my photography style, i could edit in my sleep.  as you pinpoint your style and know what that looks like, you know how to achieve that style in post processing.  one you have found your photography style, you will edit roughly the same way each and every time.  for me, i use approximately the same few sliders every time i edit in lightroom because i know what edits support my style and using sliders different in each photo would make my portfolio look jumbled.  by editing consistently, you will create images that flow effortlessly from one to the next.  you will know you have found your photography style when you feel like your editing is streamlined.

You Feel Connected With Your Photography

this is the biggest one and, again, this will look different for each and every photographer.  once you find that your photography truly speaks to you, that you are consistently happy with the work you create and you feel that passion ignite when looking at your images, you have found your photography style.  you will know this when you look at your work and you are truly happy with it.  yes, it’s natural to be overly critical of ourselves.  but finding your style means that you are portraying who you are and what your passion is through a photograph.  naturally, these photos should connect with you on a personal level.

finding your photography style is a journey, and a personal one at that.  if you are ready to find your style, but aren’t sure what steps to take be sure to join me in the styled photographer, as i give you activities and insight on finding a photography style that is true to you.

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