Top 75 Photos of 2016

as photographers we think about our photography every day.  we love it and we critique it.  we cherish it and we pick it apart.  and as we do all of that, we grow our skill.  with each and every photo we take, we learn more and more about photography and what it means to us.  after seeing several photography friends pick their favorite images of the year, i decided that i wanted to play along as well and choose my top 75 photos of 2016.  it was a wonderful exercise that made me grateful  as i sipped coffee and took a glimpse at my year, according to photography.  i find it important to note that all of my favorite images were taken after the birth of my daughter.  and that she is the subject of each and every one.  i think that sums of 2016 perfectly.

2016, you were so good to me.

Top 75 Photos of 2016

Top 75 Photos of 2016 | Bethadilly Photography

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my inbox and social media are always flooded with questions about my gear, and i feel like 2016 found me really happy with my camera and lenses.  i felt like i finally found my dream team when it comes to photography gear and, as a result, became happier with the photographs i was taking.

My Photography Gear

cameras : nikon d750, nikon d610, nikon d600

lenses : sigma art 24mm f/1.4, sigma 50mm f/1.4

other : tripod and wireless remote

because i was encouraged by friends to pick my top 75 photos of 2016, i encourage you to do the same.  there is something so refreshing about going through your images and picking out your favorites.  not only does it encourage you to relive some of your favorite moments, but it helps you reflect on your year and what it has done for your photography skill.  for me, it was amazing to see how much my skill improved over the year and how much i learned by picking up my camera.

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Top 75 Photos of 2016 | Bethadilly Photography

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