The Importance of Creating Depth in Photos

more often than not, the photos that really pull us into the frame and have is looking a little longer have one important thing: depth.  creating depth in photos is a great way to not only showcase your subject, but to create an intriguing image.  and it’s so easy to do, if you just know how to compose your photo and know the importance of creating depth in photos.  depth is one of those techniques that really took my photography to the next step and made me happier with my work.

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The Importance of Creating Depth in Photos

The Importance of Creating Depth in Photos | Bethadilly Photography

Depth Creates Realism

by creating depth in photos, you are creating realism.  when you open your eyes and look around, you see things three dimensionally, not two dimensionally.  your focus lies on what you are looking at, while everything in your foreground and background have a soft blur.  by creating depth in photos, you are allowing your viewer to experience your subject like they would experience it first hand, three dimensionally.  this creates realism.

Depth Pulls Your Audience Into Your Photo

depth is one of the biggest secrets to an eye catching photo.  by creating depth in photos, you are encouraging your audience to look a little longer at your photo.  since everything isn’t in focus all at once, your viewer will initially be drawn to the focused subject and then their eye will be pulled to the rest of the photograph, as they look around a little longer.  depth is one of those compositional secrets to getting your viewer to really explore your photograph.

Depth Offers A Unique Perspective

as you challenge yourself by creating depth in photos, you are bound to offer a unique perspective in your photographs.  while photos with everything in focus all at once are appropriate at times, it doesn’t really offer anything unique.  depth is a wonderful way to portray your personal style and unique perspective through your photographs, putting your own stamp on your work.

Depth Showcases Your Subject

more often than not, as you are creating depth in photos you are showcasing a subject with your focal point and using depth to minimize the surroundings.  by doing this you are telling your viewer exactly where you want them to look, while you tone down anything that surrounds your subject.

once i began creating depth in my images, i noticed that i was instantly more drawn to them.  i connected with my photography more and really appreciated my work.  creating depth in photos is really easy to do, if you only keep it in mind when you compose your photo.

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