Are you striving to finally learn Lightroom and edit with confidence?

Do you wish you could make sense out of all the editing buttons and sliders?

Do you want to go behind the scenes with me, while I edit for over 6 hours in 22 editing videos?


Lightroom can be intimidating.

Lightroom can seem like a lot of buttons on the screen.

Lightroom can do so many things, it’s hard to choose what you should do.

Let me show you exactly how I navigate Lightroom and how I edit, as I take your hand and teach you Lightroom step-by-step.

. . . . .

Named one of the “5 Best Newborn Photographers in DC,” Bethany Deschamp shares all of her editing tips and secrets in

The Perfect Edit

The Complete Course For Flawless Editing In Lightroom

The Perfect Edit : The Complete Lightroom Course for Flawless Editing | Bethadilly Photography

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. – Vincent Van Gogh

While you put a lot of your heart into picking up your camera, you put even more of your heart into how you edit your images.  Your images deserve a flawless edit so they can be appreciated for years and years to come!

It’s one thing to know how to take good pictures, but editing pictures is an entirely differnt skill!  Now that you have pictures of your family or of your photography clients, it’s time to give them the attention they deserve as you take them to their final and beautiful state, in editing.

If editing makes you nervous or frustrated, you are in the right place!  Being nervous or frustrated with editing simply means that you love your images and you want them to be the best they can be.  It also means that you just need a little hand holding, as you learn all that Lightroom can do with editing.  And that is where I come in.

I’ve spent over 6 years learning Lightroom so that you can learn it easily in this 22-video Lightroom course and 130+ page eBook.

Do you get confused or frustrated when you open up Lightroom?  Do you feel like you can’t establish an editing workflow that makes editing effortless?  Do you wish you could spend less time editing and gain confidence with all of Lightroom’s editing buttons and sliders?

The Perfect Edit is a complete editing course for every photographer, whether you have been editing for years or you are just beginning your editing journey.  Learn about every single step of editing I do and come watch my exact editing workflow.  I am not leaving a single thing out, as I show you exactly how I edit my images from import to export.  I am showing you every single button I push and every single slider I slide in Lightroom.  Learn about color coding, photo organization, creating a preset, developing your own editing workflow, and all of the secrets of Lightroom.

Plus, I am known for creating a consistent editing style and I will show you some tips on developing a consistent edit that I know you are striving for!  This course is so jam packed full of editing tips that it contains over 6 hours of editing videos, where I walk you through Lightroom and editing.  That’s 22 editing videos that you get to enjoy, as you read the 137-page editing course eBook.

A Peek Inside The Pages…

The Perfect Edit : The Complete Lightroom Course for Flawless Editing | Bethadilly Photography

Want to make sure The Perfect Edit is a good fit for you?

The Perfect Edit is a course for:

  • All photographers, whether you have been editing for years and need to perfect your workflow or you are just starting your editing journey and need to learn Lightroom from scratch!
  • Anyone who is ready to start flawlessly editing their images, regardless of editing style.  This course covers more than one editing style!
  • Photographers who want to start developing a consistent editing style and a workflow that makes editing effortless, quick, and organized.

Need help from beginning to end, when it comes to editing?  This course covers it all!  From importing your images, to learning all of the buttons and sliders that will help develop your unique edit, to exporting your photos.  Plus, there are so many bonus videos that show you the difference between the moody edit and the light and airy edit, how to create your own preset, and so much more!  Never be uninspired with editing again!  This course is the only course you’ll need to learn Lightroom.

Plus, this course shares so many before and after edits!  See many of my SOOC (straight out of camera) photos and how Lightroom helps me transform them into the look that I am known for!

The Perfect Edit : The Complete Lightroom Course for Flawless Editing | Bethadilly Photography

No matter your editing style, this Lightroom course was made for you!

While this Lightroom course will show you exactly how I edit my light and airy images that I am known for, this course is not style specific!  I will edit in a variety of ways for you, showing you how to use the buttons and sliders of Lightroom to create your own unique look, no matter your style!  No matter what style and no matter where you are in your journey with editing, this Lightroom course was made just for you!

Even if you have been editing for years, there is something so enlightening about watching another photographer edit and navigate Lightroom.  If there is one thing I’ve learned about editing, it’s that there is always something new to learn.  And this Lightroom course is full of rich learning opportunities.  That is what is so refreshing about editing and photography…we can forever be students and collecting knowledge only makes us and our images stronger!

The Perfect Edit will inspire you with:

  • The magic of Lightroom
  • How to learn Lightroom, with this course
  • How I approach editing
  • Introducing and simplifying Lightroom’s modules
  • Creating a Lightroom catalog and developing collections + editing video
  • Importing your images for editing + editing video
  • 5 helpful tips for culling your images, fast!
  • Secrets to color coding and why it’s powerful + editing video
  • A step-by-step guide to the Develop Module + editing video
  • Lesson 1: Monitoring the Histogram + editing video
  • Lesson 2: Basic Editing + editing video
  • Lesson 3: HSL Panel + editing video
  • Lesson 4: Noise Reduction + editing video
  • Lesson 5: The Transform Panel + editing video
  • Lesson 6: Adding Grain & Vignettes + editing video
  • Lesson 7: Cropping & Straightening + editing video
  • Lesson 8: Removing Unwanted Objects + editing video
  • Lesson 9: Graduated & Radial Filters + editing video
  • Lesson 10: The Adjustment Brush + editing video
  • Lesson 11: Bringing it All Together with 5 Edits + editing video
  • How to export your images + editing video

Plus, you’ll get bonus content and videos, including:

  • Learn how to batch edit to speed up your editing + editing video
  • Creating your own preset + editing video
  • The power of editing in the Reference View + editing video
  • 4 tools for creating a consistent edit + editing video
  • Exploring black & white editing + editing video
  • The light & airy vs. moody edit + editing video

The Perfect Edit includes:

  • 130+ page, content rich eBook
  • 22 editing videos, totaling over 6 hours of editing demonstration

The Perfect Edit : The Complete Lightroom Course for Flawless Editing | Bethadilly Photography

The Perfect Edit : The Complete Lightroom Course for Flawless Editing | Bethadilly Photography


Begin being the editor you’ve always wanted to be.

Yay!  The Perfect Edit is an electronic guide!  That means you can start reading and gaining inspiration from this Lightroom course right now!


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