Timeless Girl Easter Basket Ideas

It’s that time of year again, when my shopping cart fills with all things pastel, as I hop around the store and admire all things Easter.  As is every year, my goal is to create a timeless girl Easter basket for each of my girls, focusing on things that they need…as well as a little bit of fun.  This year’s baskets are full of something cuddly, something educational, something to wear, something useful, and something that will surprise.  And of course, little eggs help fill their baskets and end up providing a whole day of family fun as we hide and find them.  I am having so much fun being a mama of two girls and love putting together timeless girl Easter baskets.  I feel like this year’s baskets are really going to create some excitement this year, as I added little gifts to each basket that truly define our girls and the stages they are in right now.  And to keep Jesus at the center of Easter, I found something fun for our whole family that I am really excited to do this year.  If you are looking for timeless girl Easter basket ideas, be sure to browse the source lists below for basket ideas for a 1 year old and a 3 year old.

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Some of our favorite brands lovingly sent items to be placed in each of the girl’s baskets this year.  This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I may get a small commission from purchased made.  Thank you in advance for supporting my blog so I can continue inspiring you with new content.

Timeless Girl Easter Basket Ideas

Timeless Girl Easter Basket Ideas | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadilly.com

Lovely Lavendar Easter Basket for 1 Year Old

Zoe the Unicorn Knit Doll | courtesy of Cuddle + Kind

Lavendar Velvet Bow Set | courtesy of Cammi and Co

Floral Shoes | can be purchased here

Brush | similar item found here

Our favorite bubble bath | can be purchased here

Babies Love Easter Book | can be purchased here

Timeless Girl Easter Basket Ideas | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadilly.com

Pretty Pink Easter Basket for 3 Year Old

Ella the Unicorn Knit Doll | courtesy of Cuddle & Kind

Chunky Pink Velvet Bow | courtesy of Cammi and Co

Pink shoes | can be purchased here

Pastel Dot Dot Markers | can be purchased here

Brush | similar item found here

Purse | can be purchased here

Timeless Girl Easter Basket Ideas | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadilly.com

And to keep Jesus the focus of Easter, I found these beautiful The Journey to Easter cards with a little stand to hold them in.  I am excited about them because they can help teach the girls about Easter in the years ahead, as we walk through the cards.  They are to be started the Sunday before Easter and end on Easter Sunday.  The cards help encourage conversation about the meaning of Easter, teaching about Jesus and the truths of Easter.  While the girls will not understand them much this year, I am looking forward to making this part of our Easter tradition in the years ahead to teach the girls that Easter isn’t just about baskets and bunnies, but it is the most powerful love story.

I hope this post encouraged you with timeless girl Easter basket ideas and that you have as much fun creating baskets for your sweet ones, just as I did!

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Timeless Girl Easter Basket Ideas | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadilly.com

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