Valentines For Toddler Girls

If you have been following me for more than 3 minutes, you know that I love holidays.  And Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites because it is when my love story with my husband truly began.  It’s a special day for us and I can’t wait for the girls to be old enough to here all about our beginning days.  When thinking about Valentines for toddler girls (I have two toddlers now!), I focused more on what they need right now.  To be honest, toddlers like opening just about anything at this age so I tried to think of a couple items that would make the holiday fun, but be practically used.  If you need some Valentines for toddler girls, try thinking of some things that they truly need.  Below are a few ideas to get you started.

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Valentines For Toddler Girls

Valentines For Toddler Girls | Bethadilly Photography |

Our Valentine’s month has been really special.  The girls and I pulled out our Valentine’s box and decorated the playroom with heart garland and my oldest had a lot of fun putting hearts on the windows all by herself.  Every day, she sees all of the hearts and says, “Valen-times Day!”  It’s been really fun bringing out all of our Valentine’s Day books and watching her understand more about the holiday this year.  Our littlest, being just one year old, doesn’t know what’s going on but is definitely feeding off all of her sister’s excitement, making this month really sweet.  At one point, I looked over and found the baby completely decorated with Valentine’s stickers all over her clothes…courtesy of her oldest sister.  And to be even sweeter, they have loved playing with their felt hearts and passing them back and forth to one another, “giving Valentines.”

Valentines For Toddler Girls | Bethadilly Photography |

As I do about every 3 months, I recently Marie Kondo’d the house.  One area that I really simplified was the girls’ kitchen cupboard that has all of their plates, cups, and bowls.  Everything in the cupboard had a really good run, and I decided it was time to simplify the space and replace their plates and bowls.  I got these plates and these bowls, that are easily stackable.  Plus, they look really nice and clean in the cupboard because everything matches.  I say all of this to say, in the girls’ Valentines boxes, they each got the matching spoons and forks that complete the place setting.  One got the spoons, the other the forks.  🙂

The girls can always use new pajamas, so I found some cute ballerina pajamas for my oldest who loves everything ballerina.  And for my littlest, I found some swan pajamas that were just too cute to leave at the store.  Pajamas are always a wonderful gift because they are something that are always being outgrown, especially when at the toddler age.  My goodness, it seems as if they grow during nap time!  Plus, introducing fun new prints is fun, as our oldest really likes making choices on what she wears and it’s a fun language building opportunity when she is picking out her pajamas.

To add a little more fun, we wear bows daily and we wear them hard!  Bows are always a good gift for the girls because they are used every day and it’s always fun to introduce new colors.  Our favorite bow shop sent the girls these bows for each of the girls’ Valentine boxes and they were the perfect item to complete their little gift.  Finally, a little stuffed unicorn for their playroom as a final bit of fun.

I like to keep Valentines simple, giving them enough to make it a fun day but not go too overboard.  I think focusing on needs really helped make their boxes practical, while making it a fun surprise for the girls.

Valentines For Toddler Girls | Bethadilly Photography |

Valentines for Toddler Girls Source List

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Putting together little Valentines for toddler girls has proven to be a lot of fun and I hope this helps inspire your gift giving in the future!  I hope your Valentine’s day is full of fun and love…and chocolate!

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Valentines For Toddler Girls | Bethadilly Photography |

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