Being Thankful

We have had a year of being thankful, to say the very least.  Thankful for the arrival of another baby girl, who is happy, healthy and full of joy.  Thankful for a beautiful relationship between our children, that formed from the moment they met.  Thankful for the blessing to be parents to these two sweet peas and to have a front row seat to their joyful days.  Not only are we thankful to be parents, but we are thankful to be parents together.  I wouldn’t want to do life without my husband and he is the only one I want to hold hands with as we sit on the couch and watch our two girls play.  (Okay, okay…so we are more than likely found chasing after them these days and falling asleep around 8:30pm…but there is no one else I would rather share these beautifully exhausting days with).

In the years past I have found myself focusing on thankfulness around Thanksgiving, like many do.  But this year, even with all the stress and busyness of being a mama of two girls two years old and under, I have been intentional about practicing thankfulness as often as I can.  To be thankful for the endless dirty diapers and middle of the night feeds.  For the way our oldest likes to play with my hair and how she likes to say good morning to her belly button each day.  For the way our youngest smiles before she even opens her eyes in the morning and always crawls towards the puppy’s food bowl at warp speed.

While the days of early motherhood can be full of tired mornings, coffee cravings to jump start the day, endless boo boo kisses and yearnings for just 5 minutes to ourselves…it is a also a journey that is irreplaceable.  It’s a journey that I am forever thankful for and a journey that often finds my eyes misty because I find myself so incredibly blessed that God has trusted me with two very adoring girls and a husband who loves endlessly, even when I am cranky at the end of a long day.

Thankfulness is the key to joy.  And someone once said that it is impossible to be thankful (grateful) and anxious at the same time.  With motherhood offering a lot of things to be anxious about and endless things to place on our worry list, practice thankfulness.  There is something so beautifully comforting about the way being thankful makes your heart feel, especially when tempted to worry.

May your family find moments this Thanksgiving that remind you to be thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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Being Thankful

Our Very Thankful 2018 from Bethany Deschamp on Vimeo.

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