Our Very Thankful Day

It’s 2:00pm on Thanksgiving Day and, while I am trying to not use the word perfect often, today has been pretty perfect.  The girls have been the cutest turkeys all day, laughing and learning new things.  Our littlest decided to learn to stand, holding on, all on her own today!  She pulled up on the girls’ play kitchen, making us think she must have been checking her own little baking turkey.  Thanksgiving Day has been beautiful and we haven’t even had dinner yet.  While the turkey cooks in the oven and the girls both sleep soundly for nap upstairs, I am comforted with the nostalgic smell of Thanksgiving coming from the kitchen.  I’ve prepped my first turkey, with the help of my hubby and all my prep for the side dishes are done.  The kitchen is clean, the first load of dishes washed.  Our table has been set, awaiting a beautiful meal.  Now I sit here and just enjoy a little quiet, with such a full heart.

There are so many things that I love about being a parent and one is experiencing holidays with our children.  I love the easy and simpleness of Thanksgiving.  And the fact that the day after Thanksgiving means shopping and decorating for Christmas!   T-minus 24 hours until the Christmas tree come out!  Growing up, it was always a day of leisure.  We would enjoy snacks, play games and simple enjoy one another.  We would wear slippers and stay cozy.  That is what we are doing with our girls this Thanksgiving.  Slippers and all.  While the turkey bakes and fills the house with the comforting smell of Thanksgiving, we are simply enjoying our girls.  There is no schedule, except for the cooking schedule.  (Because isn’t it necessary to have a cooking schedule when making so many yummy things?)  Our very thankful day started with a very heartfelt, “Good Morning!” from our toddler when walking into her room for wakeup, pictures of the girls in their holiday outfits and Christmas crafts before breakfast.

Sometimes the best days are spent when being intentional about doing nothing.  Having no plans.  Sure, the girls’ outfits were thoughtfully planned and coordinated and the menu was prepared.  But besides what we wear and what we eat today, it’s a day of simply enjoying whatever the day brings…while peeking into the oven at the turkey.  It’s a day of sparkling cider and snacks, and busting out the real wine after bedtime.  It’s a day of being thankful for the family within our home and our loving family who is further away.  It’s a day of slowing down and remembering that the things that take up the biggest things in our heart are really memories made in the simple moments.  The simple smiles, the simple laughs, the simple joys of just being with one another.

My turkey timer for turning the turkey over is about ready to ding.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Our Very Thankful Day

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Our Very Thankful Day | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadilly.com

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