Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Play Kitchen : A Classic Wooden Play Kitchen

well the original plan was to surprise our little girl with this rifle paper co. inspired play kitchen for christmas but, she accidentally saw it and became obsessed with it.  and it was just so cute to see her play with it that my husband smiled and said, “random christmas wednesday!”  and we all cheered hooray!  so needless to say, we have to start from the beginning for a new christmas idea this year.  but don’t you worry, i have plenty more ideas.

if you know me, you know that i am utterly obsessed with every product rifle paper co. makes and i am all about classic wooden toys for our kids because…well first, they are pretty and second, they are timeless.  also, they are super durable…so i guess that it three reasons.  luckily, my husband totally understands my want for simple classic toys for our kids and he totally supports me spending a little extra for quality and pretty toys since they will last forever and still look nice years from now.  plus, i love the idea that my children can give their toys to their children and the toys will still be in style.  because is wooden ever really going to go out of style?  i, for one, would be surprised.

but back to the kitchen, i can’t take all the credit.  i was totally inspired by christine of ‘this haus of ours’ and followed her directions for creating this dream kitchen for our little girl.  i initially wasn’t a huge fan of having toys in our common areas of our home because i didn’t want “the mess,” but because this kitchen looks so classic and perfect, it fits in flawlessly with our home decor and looks great in our dining room.  because, let’s be real…kids want to play where their parents are so it was equally important to me to have toys available to our daughter in our common area but for our home to not look like a kid zone.  you know what i mean?  and to be honest, her kitchen is prettier than mine.

below you will find all of the resources i used to make this new play kitchen for our daughter, including where i bought the accessories and a special story about the tea towel that hangs on the kitchen.  enjoy!

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Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Play Kitchen : A Classic Wooden Play Kitchen

Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Play Kitchen : A Classic Wooden Play Kitchen | Bethadilly Photography

so, the tea towels.  i knew i wanted this kitchen to be very classic and soft.  i looked forever for the perfect tea towels and couldn’t find anything that i loved.  until…i called my mama.  i knew she had so many beautiful tea towels that we used when i was growing up and i wanted to know if she still had them.  she did!  and when she heard that they were going to be used for her granddaughter’s kitchen, she was over the moon.  how special is that!?  even more special, these tea towels were made by my grandma (her mother-in-law) and given to her at her bridal shower.  she made her a set of six, i believe.  i really liked the two of the kittens, one sweeping and one with a ball of yarn.

the tea towels were originally HUGE!  think, half the size of a bath towel, so with my mama’s encouragement, i cut them down, resewed them and then added a little pom pom trim to the bottom of each to give them an even more antique and girly feel.  they were a labor of love, as i am not much of a sewer, but my husband said, even though i felt they were imperfectly sewed, that our daughter would love that her mama put so much love into them.  plus, i love that she has a little heirloom piece in her place kitchen and that i can tell her the story behind them one day.

Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Play Kitchen

Wooden Play Kitchen : IKEA

(all parts washed with TSP first.  sink spray painted white + fixtures spray painted gold)

Wallpaper Backsplash : Rifle Paper Co. Wrapping Paper

Pots + Pans + Wooden Utensils : Plan Toys on Amazon

Wooden Eggs : Amazon

Wooden Play Food : Land of Nod

Wooden Baguette : Etsy

Egg Carton : Target (similar one found here)

Vintage Tea Tin : Local Home Store (similar one found here)

Small Wooden Bowls : Local Home Store (similar set found here)

Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Play Kitchen : A Classic Wooden Play Kitchen | Bethadilly Photography

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  • Tiffanni - Where is the single white pot with the handles from?ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - Where did you get the white crock and lid and the pink utensil holder? Love! ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - found that at target, in the dollar stop! however, it is ceramic so we don’t play with it. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - Hi! Where is the adorable white crock from on the stove? Love this kitchen! Just the inspiration i was looking for! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - it was a target dollar stop find, probably back in the summertime! it is ceramic though, so not a play item. 🙂ReplyCancel

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